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Fancy a really fun new hobby and do you live relatively close to water? Then take a look at SUPing! The first time on a SUP board can feel quite shaky. Do you want to know how to best maintain balance? We will help you in this blog with a number of tips. This way you can better maintain your balance and stand smoothly and securely on your board.

The right paddle board

A useful tip for beginners in SUPing is to choose the right board. For newcomers, stability is often a priority. With a stable board you can concentrate more on SUPing itself rather than on keeping your balance. This gives you more time to really look around you and enjoy the surroundings and the experience. But you also want a board that is not too easy, otherwise it is no longer a challenge. If you are going to rent or purchase one and have to choose between all kinds of different SUP boards, it is useful to get advice.

The right clothes

Good preparation is important for a successful experience on the water. In changeable or cold weather it is wise to take an extra vest with you. Although you get warm while SUPing, wind on the water can cool you down quite quickly. And even though it is not obvious, you can of course dive into the cold water! Choose a sporty outfit that can get wet. Don't forget to bring slippers, a bottle of water and sunscreen. You quickly discolour in the water, no matter how warm it is. In addition to a suitable board, choosing the right paddle is also important. Factors such as experience level, paddling style and personal preferences play a role.

Just start on your knees

You may feel a bit awkward at first, especially when trying to maintain your balance on the board. It is best to enter the board one knee at a time. Place your hands shoulder-width apart on the board to maintain good balance. Once you have found balance, try to put one foot forward and stand up.

Learn to fall well

The main goal when SUPing is not to fall into the water, but sometimes it can happen. In that case, do not try to climb back onto the board convulsively, as this can cause injury. It is best to lie down in the water calmly and with control and then climb back onto your board.

Above all, enjoy it

The last and most important tip for your first time SUPing is to have fun! Enjoy the peace, the surroundings and the nature around you. Or see the city where you live from a different point of view. Don't be discouraged if you're a little uneasy at first; everyone starts as a beginner and progress comes with practice. You will soon notice that you learn quickly and become more familiar with SUPing in no time.

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