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Happlify your life book

Happlify your life - your own happiness manual for life

“How do I become happier?” thousands of people type into Google every day. Look no further... because this latest book by Mariko Naber will help you with that. Happlify is a happy guideline for finding a moment of little happiness, untangling a fast life and creating moments of rest.

With this practical workbook you will regain things you may have lost within 52 weeks: patience, kindness, trust in someone else (or in yourself), contentment, self-mockery and humor. 

Available at the local bookstore, Libris , Bruna and and at our Happlify Crew members: BBTT design , Madame la Poule , maison KOOS and Posilief . Temporarily with free online reminder worth €47,-

€20 | EN | Hardcover | 9789038810898 | Press: 1 Sept 2021 | 160 pages | Single Publishers | Nijgh & Van Ditmar

👉 Mariko tells you more about this lucky book here

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