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Looking for the nicest and most special gifts for children? Then you've come to the right place! At these webshops you will find the nicest selection of toys, clothing, cuddly toys and much more.

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baby & child

Happlify is the destination for the sweetest and smartest gifts for babies and children. Whether you are looking for toys , children's fashion, baby supplies , children's books , birth announcements , cuddly toys, and much more - at Happlify you will find the best selection of items that are really fun and that children will benefit from.

Discover the unique collections from our Happlify Crew members
Our carefully curated web shops offer a wide range of products, from cute cuddly toys to special children's clothing and the best rubber ducks. Whether you're looking for a gift for a newborn baby or an adventurous toddler, our collection has something for everyone. Only the nicest and most special items deserve a place in our selection.

Really fun and useful toys
At Happlify we only select items that are not only fun, but also contribute to the development and joy of children. From educational toys to comfortable children's fashion , each product has been carefully chosen to delight both little ones and parents.

Find the perfect gift for a child
Feel free to look around and discover the perfect gift for your little friend. Whether it is a cuddly toy, a cute baby outfit, or a book full of adventures, our items bring joy and happiness to the world of children. Happlify, where finding the ideal gift for baby & child becomes a magical adventure.