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You probably have thousands of photos of your little one on your phone, sometimes as many as twenty of the same moment. But if you want to make an album, you will still lack photos. Photographing children can be a difficult task; the photos are often blurry, too dark or blurry. Or your child decides to make funny faces or doesn't want to be in a picture. Does this sound familiar? Here are five practical tips to photograph your child beautifully.

Photograph at eye level

As an adult you are easily twice the size of a child. Taking photos while looking down at them often doesn't produce great results. So drop to your knees and step into their world, or lie on your stomach for a unique perspective. And don't be afraid to get dirty, just lie on the floor, squat in the grass and lie on the trampoline. This way you won't miss the most beautiful moments. Children often find it funny to see you lying on your stomach. However, sometimes you can also take beautiful photos by ignoring this rule and choosing a different perspective, such as a cool photo from above with the child looking up that you take with a drone , for example. So change it up and experiment!

A professional camera

If you use a professional camera, the settings are largely the same, namely in portrait mode. Use a fast shutter speed to avoid motion blur. If you have a phone with multiple settings, use portrait mode to take beautiful photos with depth of field. Shoot close up to get a nice detailed photo.

Pay attention to the light

Good light means enough light, because too little light will make your photo too dark or blurry. In low-light situations, ensure that the available light falls on your child for the best results. Beautiful light is of course a matter of taste and trial. Play with the direction of the light: let it fall on your subject, use backlight, or sidelight. Do not photograph against backlight and go outside on sunny days. Sunlight is the most natural.

Provide nice props

Props are elements, utensils and attributes that you use in a photo to create a certain atmosphere or theme. For example, think of a nice party hat or streamers that you wrap around your child on his or her birthday. Is your child crazy about flowers? Then a beautiful sunflower is a great element in the photo. Think about what you want to convey in the photo and what makes your child happy. Using props is also very useful, because it makes it easier for your child to have his or her photo taken.

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