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It's holiday season! Vacation is important; taking time off and having a different rhythm helps you to relax. Sometimes you don't even realize it, but you only find out when you take a rest that this was what you needed. Vacation also helps you get out of your routine. This offers an opportunity to reflect on how you are doing and where you stand. To discover new things and feed your creativity. A holiday can also contribute to connection: with yourself, your partner, your children, or the family members and friends with whom you spend your holiday. During a joint holiday you make shared memories and undertake activities together, which in turn create connection.

Ok, you got it: vacation is important. At the same time, we also understand that this can pose an extra challenge for many athletes. In addition to a different rhythm and the warmer weather, the children are also free. And how can you continue to exercise with children around?ย 

The most important tip: think again!

You can of course try to stick to your exercise routine, which is often quite difficult these days and can cause frustration. You can also think differently: how can you keep moving and stay in shape in a way that is also fun for your holiday companions? Below we share 7 tips and a bonus tip.

  1. Take micro-adventures together
  2. Do all the animal poses with yoga
  3. Go plogging, plan sharing, playing or beachcombing
  4. Exercise your feet on a barefoot path
  5. Get into the tree!
  6. Discover a new sport together
  7. If you can't beat them, join them!

Tip 1 - Take micro-adventures together

Go treasure hunting with geo-caching , download thePerfect Earth Animals app from Staatsbosbeheer and collect animal cards while walking, take an adventurous walk in an environment you have never been before, go for a wild swim in a lake (you can read where this is done here ). safely) instead of in a swimming pool. Or go cycling somewhere you've never been before. Bring provisions, water, sunglasses, cell phone, anti-sunscreen and anti-mosquito repellent and go!

Tip 2 - Do all animal poses with yoga

For many athletes, yoga can be a great addition to their exercise routine . And the nice thing is that there are all kinds of yoga forms for children. Ok, an hour-long yoga routine is not possible with small children, but individual poses of a few minutes are often doable. Especially the animal poses : snake, frog, dog, camel and more. Or look at the yoga plaza site to see how the dog, cow and cat are combined with fun stories.

Tip 3 - Go plogging, plan sharing, playing or beachcombing

Uh, what? Go running, walking or kayaking together at a leisurely pace and combine that with cleaning up litter. Protect yourself and others well against the sun and heat, see also this article for tips. Prefer something organized? For example, participate in a beach clean up or with an event in your area, or at the local beach bar . What you can also do is play together. Go to the beach or forest and look for beautiful finds with which you can make something fun. Or map out a route along nice stopping points and hide small (non-perishable) surprises along the route in advance.ย 

Scheveningen has TrashUre Hunt where you can participate in the beach cleanup.

Tip 4 - Train your feet on a barefoot path

Walk in slippers or barefoot. You train different muscles when you walk in different shoes. Of course, your feet need to be protected, but it can be refreshing to try out a barefoot trail .

Tip 5 - Go up the tree!

Strength, balance, agility: you train it all in a climbing forest . Fun for your (slightly older) kids and for you.ย 

Tip 6 - Discover a new sport together

Do you have slightly older children? Then a holiday is the ideal opportunity to discover a new sport together. Get on a SUP board , go wave or windsurfing, boulder , or rent a training bike such as an elptigo . You immediately work other muscles, which wakes up your body again. And maybe you'll discover a fun new activity!

At Surf's Cool Scheveningen you can book a surfing lesson almost every day of the year, even with your family!

Tip 7 - If you can't beat them, join them!

The easiest tactic is: just participate! Small children in particular can be very active: they want to play football with you, swim, play tag, on the trampoline, you name it. Just join in and you'll see: it's more tiring and more fun than it seems ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Actually, playing fanatically is simply a great workout!

Did you know that scootering is also a lot of fun to participate in? Get a good children's scooter and one for you and go!

Bonus tip: you don't have to, rest is also important!

The most important thing to remember is: you don't have to. Rest is also important, as any top athlete can tell you. Your condition will not immediately disappear completely after a week or two of taking it easy. Whatever you do, we hope you have fun together!

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