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Whether you go on holiday or stay in your own backyard, the (summer) holidays are the time to dive into the books. Reading a book is still seen as one of the ultimate ways to relax and although I am not the greatest reader, I can really enjoy sitting outside with a good book.

Today I'm sharing my favorite books that I've read recently, so if you're in need of good titles to read during your holiday or staycation, then this is the blog post for you!

Big magic

Big magic book

You may know her from the 2010 film 'Eat Pray Love', but Elizabeth Gilbert has also written a very special autobiographical book called 'Big Magic'. In this book she describes how she believes phenomena such as creativity and inspiration work and let me tell you: that is not obvious! She also gives you guidelines on how to live a creative life, even if you think you have no aptitude for it. A special manual for a colorful life (literally and figuratively) that is definitely worth reading. Available at Bol.com - €6.99 (e-book)

Breeding pressure - Home Launspach

Holidays are the time to slow down and think about what we want and what we no longer want when daily (work) life starts again. Although I have not yet finished this book by Thijs Launspach (I am about half way through), it has proven to be a nice eye-opener for me. The book is written in such a way that situations from our (too) busy daily lives seem too absurd for words and that you secretly start to think that way. I have often closed the book with the thought 'yes, what are we actually doing?'. Available at Bol.com - €15.99

The secret lives of color - Kassia St Clair

Give me a book with information about color and I will be a happy person. Anyone who knows me and my illustration work knows that color is one of the most important things in my life and work. This book describes the history of color, social and religious connotations attached to some colors and how color has an impact on our daily lives. My favourite? The story about the color Baker-Miller Pink, which in the 1970s and 1980s was labeled in the US as 'calming' and 'reducing aggression' and was therefore regularly used in large quantities in prisons. Secretly, I think the color has the same calming effect on me, because I can't get enough of it. Available at Bol.com - €16.99

The Big Tiny - Dee Williams

This book is a physical and mental souvenir of our road trip in America in 2014, but due to the corona pandemic it is more relevant than ever. During our road trip we visited the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon; a conference for and by small entrepreneurs and world improvers. Dee Williams gave a key note speech there about how she turned her life around after being diagnosed with heart problems, built a tiny house and opted for a 'simpler' life. I think that in the past year and a half, in times of lockdown, everyone has realized more than ever what is really important, but it is nice to read that there are also people who have really started living by it. Available at Bol.com - €9.99 (e-book)

Feel good book

And... then there is an ultimate feel-good book to come. A workbook written by Mariko, in which you map out your own route to happiness. If you look at books you will see it 🍳 I can't say more about it yet, because it is not official yet, but you can already pre-order! 🤫

Vera Bertens

The author: Vera Bertens

Vera Bertens is the creative heart and brain behind it Franje Design, which she founded in 2009. In addition to her wonderful world full of sweet and funny creatures, she also illustrates and designs on commission from her studio in Tilburg. We love her work and invite you to discover this Dutch gem for yourself. Vera's blog posts >

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