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An affordable iPad? Does that make you happy? Umm, yes! An affordable iPad? Is that possible? Oh yes for sure! A refurbished iPad can be up to 60% cheaper. I think we'll all be happy about that. But what about that exactly? You can read that in this article. 

Dark times over

Just a little reality check. We've all been through a rough time. Corona has confronted us, especially in the beginning, with mandatory distance, working from home and limiting social contacts. That was not fun. It became all the more clear to all of us how important our quality of life should be and that relaxing and de-stressing is also important. That includes sitting on the couch with an iPad and streaming series. Unfortunately, new laptops and iPads are often expensive. However, the refurbished iPad is the solution.

refurbished iPad

How does refurbished work?

Refurbished is the English word for 'overhaul'. It means confiscating used electronic devices, opening them up, cleaning them and replacing parts where necessary. This results in a lower price for the consumer, as fewer new parts are needed than a brand new electronic product. In addition, it is also good for the environment, because less digging for the minerals needed for the production of the parts also reduces CO2 emissions. So win-win!

Which iPads are interesting?

At the moment there are two very interesting iPads with a nice price. These are the iPad Air 2 refurbished and the iPad 2018 refurbished. Both have a 9.7-inch Retina display and an 8MP camera on the back. However, the iPad Air 2 has an A8X chip that is slightly older than the A10 Fusion chip that hides under the hood of the iPad 2018. In terms of speed you are better with the newer model. Do you often sit in the sun? Then the iPad Air 2 may be more interesting. This model has a laminated screen with an anti-reflective coating. So you can easily read content from the screen of the iPad Air 2 in the bright sun. Do you prefer to use accessories? The iPad 2018 supports Apple Pencil, so you can make beautiful sketches and notes.

refurbished iPad

What should I pay attention to?

One of the things you should pay attention to when buying a refurbished iPad is that the party you buy it from has a Refurbished quality mark. Parties with a Refurbished quality mark offer the best conditions, such as a minimum two-year warranty. In addition, you can expect parties with a quality mark to sell the better quality refurbished iPads. You can buy a refurbished iPad 2018 from Forza . This batch has the Refurbished quality mark.

Tell us, do you have or do you want an iPad and what do you do with it?

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