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Name : Maneki Neko (招き猫)
Description : depicting a cat with a beckoning (often moving) left paw
Country of origin : Japan

Maneki neko literally means 'beckoning cat' and this Japanese good luck charm has become world famous. The cute kitten was originally mainly used by shopkeepers, but you can also find them in temples and restaurants. The idea is that the cat waves to people on the street, so that they are more inclined to visit a store or restaurant. Maneki neko therefore brings happiness especially to entrepreneurs who are looking for customers. Nowadays there is also a version with the right leg up. This Maneki neko generally brings money or luck. Oh yes, and the higher the leg, the greater the happiness.

The Maneki neko legend

Lucky cats are usually made of ceramic, often wearing bell collars and bibs around their necks, an imitation of the attire of cats in wealthy households during the Japanese Edo period (1603-1868). Some models hold a coin called a koban, which depicts great wealth.

There are several legends about the origin of the talisman, but this is an absolute favourite: The Temple Cat - A wealthy landlord sheltered under a tree from the storm. A poor priest's cat lured the landlord away, and moments later the tree was struck by lightning. In return the landlord made the temple big, rich and successful. When the cat died, images were made of him because he was the instigator of the success. And so the countless figurines that we know today were created.

lucky cats

Your own lucky kitten

The colored Lucky cats that you see in the photo at the top are from Donkey products and you can buy them here in all colors of the rainbow from € 20.95.

At Applepiepieces you will also find Lucky nekos. These Japanese kitties are made of porcelain and skillfully hand painted. Each lucky cat has its own meaning such as love, happiness, friendship, pleasure, protection, thanks, strength, freedom. That, together with the sweet price, makes the pendant so nice to send directly to someone as a gift.

Lucky neko lucky charms Applepiepieces

At Roppongi, the webshop for Japanese trinkets, you will also find many nice Maneki neko products with the Japanese lucky charms .

Roppongi maneki neko

Would you like to know more about this nice lucky symbol? Then watch the video below, which explains the legend of 'the old woman'.

Lucky symbols

At Happlify we love happiness in the broadest sense of the word. Lucky symbols are of course part of that. We regularly highlight another lucky symbol here. The meaning of each symbol is rooted in superstition, mythology, esotericism or religion. And whether a lucky symbol actually brings you happiness is up to you and what value you attach to it. Do you have a tip for a lucky symbol? Then be sure to contact us

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