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Downpours, gray days, Sinterklaas in the country: autumn is in full swing. And before winter starts, you would do well to enjoy autumn to the fullest. Here are 7 tips to immerse yourself in this beautiful season.

Tip 1 - Get out there!

Enjoying the autumnal Insta snapshots of others is of course great fun. But it is much more fun to enjoy the beautiful nature and the falling leaves outdoors. So go for a ride! Take your camera with you , take a nice walk and enjoy. Do you want to end your autumn outing on a good and tasty note? Then of course you can enjoy a fresh hot chocolate or a nice cup of autumn tea at your home afterwards.

EXTRA: Download the recipe for Spicy Aztec Chocolate Milk here

Tip 2 - Make a fall bucket list

In addition to a nice autumn walk, there are plenty of other fun autumn outings to enjoy. You can probably think of a few too. Maybe you finally want to make that delicious pumpkin soup recipe. Or do you have a great idea to provide your home with cozy autumn decorations? Create your own fall bucket list with plans for this fall . Also plan a date for two activities on your bucket list. Because actually carrying out your plans is of course even more fun than drawing up the list.

Handy and for you:download the Autumn bucket list PDF here.

Autumn bucket list download

Tip 3 - Bakers ready? Let's start autumn baking!

Speaking of homemade pumpkin soup: there are plenty of tasty recipes that taste especially good in the fall. You've probably collected a few on Pinterest. Whether you have a real sweet tooth or prefer to whip up a festive dinner, tasty recipes will make this season a little better. How about a healthy apple pie ( this one from Chicks Love Food, for example) or a delicious quiche or a tasty carrot cake ?

Are you not much of a kitchen princess? Then The Easy Baking Book will certainly offer a solution. We bet you will get something tasty on the table without the kitchen smelling like burnt dough!

Tip 4 - Get your house ready for autumn

Am I such a crazy autumn lover or are there more people who take out the candles in autumn? Now that the days are getting shorter, it is nice to make your home extra cozy. In short: the (scented) candles can be taken out of the cupboard again . And what about the nice autumn decoration that you have had in the attic for a year? Or even more fun: hollow out a pumpkin yourself and display it in your home. Then it will be autumn not only outside, but also inside.

Tip 5 - Start cocooning

When preparing your house for autumn, in addition to those lovely slippers, a nice thick fleece blanket should of course not be missing. You can't start early enough with cocooning! You probably haven't finished Netflix yet , so bring on those fun movie nights with a cup of tea, homemade popcorn and that nice blanket.

My best movie tips for a romantic movie night? The Notebook, Bridget Jones' Diary and The Vow. I cannot guarantee that you will get through it without tears (from crying or laughing).

Fancy some real old-fashioned feel good? How about ET the Extra-Terrestrial (1982).

Tip 6 - Apply!

Mango Body Yogurt With autumn and the chilly wind approaching, your skin could use some extra care. It's time to stop leaving your body butters untouched in your bathroom cabinet. Treat yourself to some good care products this fall. From a nice shower gel to greasy hand cream. Lubricating is not only good for your skin, but it is also a nice way to give yourself some extra attention . For example , Mango Body Yoghurt from The Body Shop.

Tip 7 - Write down your autumn happiness

How can you enjoy autumn even more? Create a notebook with fall highlights. Every night before going to bed, write down three things that made you happy that day. A journal full of moments of autumn happiness immediately makes you a little happier. Also nice: read your highlights again if you are feeling a bit less good about yourself. An instant boost guaranteed!

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Do you already have fun plans for this fall? Or are you still enjoying your beautiful summer memories? Anyway, make something beautiful out of it! Enjoy fall and be happy!

Romy Veul

The author: Romy Veul

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