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Turning 50 is no small feat. It seems to be a sign of wisdom and experience and this milestone is of course a great reason for a big celebration. Apparently this age involves many strange customs. Which one, you can't read here. What you will read are fun and inspiring ideas to celebrate that half century.

Here are some inspiring ideas to mark this special hair day for your parents, boyfriend, girlfriend or yourself in an original way. Because celebrating a 50th birthday provides a fantastic opportunity to do something unique and memorable.

Idea 1 - Theme party with a twist

Organize a party with a unique theme that suits the birthday boy or girl's personality or interests. Think of a Toppop evening where guests dress up as their favorite 70's pop star, or a "World Travel" party where dishes and music from different countries take center stage. In any case, get decorations for 50 years ! You can't avoid that.

Idea 2 - Time Travel Capsule

Create a time travel capsule with memories, photos, letters and mementos from friends and family. Look back together on the past 50 years and bury the capsule as a memory for the future.

Idea 3 - Bucket list adventure

Take a milestone birthday as an opportunity to check something off the bucket list. Whether it's skydiving, wine tasting in France, or seeing the Northern Lights, make this special birthday the perfect excuse to go on that long-awaited adventure.

Northern Lights bucket list

Idea 4 - Birthday for a good cause

Dedicate the birthday to a good cause that is close to your heart. In lieu of gifts, ask guests to make a donation. This could be a personal fundraising page or an event that raises money for the birthday person's chosen cause.

Idea 5 - Exclusive workshop or course

Celebrate the day by learning something new. This can range from a cooking class from a chef, a painting workshop, to a masterclass in photography. Invite friends and family to discover a new skill together. Or... how about a helicopter lesson?

Idea 6 - Wellness retreat

Treat yourself to a relaxing birthday with a wellness retreat. Consider a spa weekend , yoga retreat or a meditation workshop to relax, renew and reflect on the next phase of your life.

By the way, you don't always have to leave for a spa experience, just take a look .

Idea 7 - Rent a private location

Celebrate in style by renting a unique location, such as a castle, a vineyard, or even an island. Make it an unforgettable experience with a weekend full of festivities for your closest friends and family.

Idea 8 - Keep it tiny

Don't feel like dealing with all that fuss? Then rent a private location, but a small one. At our Night(s) away you will find the nicest houses in nature to celebrate the party in a small and quiet way.

Night(s) away

Whatever you do, whether the party is small or huge, make it memorable. A 50th birthday is a special celebration, don't let it pass you by.

Image: Unsplash

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