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Whether you earn a living as a hairdresser or maintain the hair of your children and/or partner yourself, a hair clipper is indispensable in both cases. With the help of this device you can easily and quickly shave hair to the desired length. The wide range of hair clippers does not make it easy to find one. Do you want to avoid regretting your choice afterwards? Always keep the following 4 things in mind when buying a hair clipper.

1 - Minimum and maximum hair length

Clippers are often used to shave the hair short. However, there is a difference in the length at which this device shaves hair. Therefore, in any case, look at the minimum and maximum hair length. This is clearly stated on most hair clippers. By taking this into account, you will avoid buying clippers that will not allow you to shave the hair to the desired length.

2 - Attachment combs

During your search you will undoubtedly also come across adjustable hair clippers. Handy, because it allows you to set the desired hair length yourself. The disadvantage of this is that such a device is often a lot more expensive than a 'standard' hair clipper. Would you rather not pay too much? Then choose a hair clipper with attachment combs. By placing such a comb on the device, all hairs are shaved to the same length.

An additional advantage of attachment combs is that you can not only use them to shave your head hair to the correct length. If you put such a comb on your clippers, you can also use it to trim a mustache or beard. Ideal, because this means you don't have to buy another device for everything. This not only saves you (a lot of) money, but also space in the closet.

3 - Corded or wireless

Hair clippers are available with or without a cord. Before you start your search, it is useful to determine what you prefer. Corded hair clippers can only be used near an electrical outlet, while cordless hair clippers can be used anywhere. On the other hand, a hair clipper with a battery is often (a lot) more expensive.

Do you prefer a hair clipper with a battery? Then pay close attention to how long you can use it once it is fully charged. After all, you want to prevent the clippers from suddenly stopping halfway through. If you buy the device at a hairdressing shop , you don't have to worry about this. You may pay a little more, but you are assured of a hair clipper with a good battery.

4 - Accessories

When you buy a hair clipper, you often get accessories with it. There can only be quite a difference in what is included. With one hair clipper you only get a storage case, while with the other you sometimes also get all kinds of attachment combs, a hairdressing apron and scissors. Therefore, take a good look at exactly what you are paying for before you buy a hair clipper. In general, the more accessories, the higher the price tag attached to the hair clipper.

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