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A trampoline in the garden is often a dream of many children. Is the time coming this summer, and have you decided to purchase one? Keep a few things in mind when buying a trampoline, so that jumping remains fun and safe.

The shape of the trampoline

The advice is often a round trampoline for younger and less experienced jumpers. The even spring tension ensures that the jumper is always pulled towards the center of the trampoline, which reduces the chance of landing next to the trampoline. If your children already have some experience with jumping, a rectangular trampoline is often a better choice. You can jump on it a little higher, and the shape saves space and is more convenient in the garden. At 12springstrampolines.nl you will find an extensive range of round and rectangular trampolines.

The size of the trampoline

The larger the trampoline, the more jumping fun and the higher the safety. Of course you must have enough space for this. You should keep a distance of at least 1 to 2 meters around the trampoline. Or you have stretched a safety net around the trampoline. For children under 6 years old, a trampoline larger than 330 cm is not very useful, because it will be more difficult for them to jump and not as high. For children over 10 years old, it is better not to choose a trampoline smaller than 305 cm, because they have less space on it and can get tired of it more quickly. It is important to take into account that trampolines are officially designed for one jumper at a time. This is to prevent collisions and accidents. If you are considering using a trampoline for several children at the same time, choose at least a size of 305 cm, as this is safe.

A trampoline on legs or buried

A final important choice: are you going for an in-ground trampoline or a trampoline on legs? An in-ground trampoline has the advantage that it can be fully integrated into your garden. With an edge that is only 20 cm high, children can get on and off easily and safely. In addition, the lower fall height reduces the risk of injury if they land next to the trampoline. For extra safety, in-ground trampolines including a safety net are also available. Once buried, an in-ground trampoline can be used all year round. However, think carefully about where you want to place it, because once it is dug in, moving it is more difficult. A trampoline on legs, on the other hand, is quick to set up and can easily be taken down or moved in the winter. The sturdy frame often allows you to jump higher. The use of an anchoring kit is recommended for extra stability, especially during stormy weather. Nowadays, a safety net is supplied as standard with trampolines on legs.

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