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Easter. One celebrates it with an extensive Easter brunch. The other mainly uses it as an excuse to snack on extra chocolate (eggs). In any case, Easter is the opportunity to relax during this hectic period. Because isn't it secretly quite relaxing to take it easy indoors in your pajamas at Easter instead of being forced to sit on the almond bar? These are 7 ideas with which you can relax this Easter. Just in your usual pajamas.

1. Put on a nice movie

Of course we all know Christmas movies. But Easter is also a good opportunity to enjoy a nice movie in your pajamas. An Easter movie will be a bit difficult (unless you like Calimero the chick!), but thanks to Netflix you will certainly have no shortage of movies. Swoon over a summer rom-com (have you seen A Star Is Born yet?) or sit back and watch the exciting horror or crime film that has been on your list for a long time. Add popcorn and Easter eggs and you're ready for a day of Netflix & chill .

TIP: Pathé at home is treating you to a FREE film every day until April 28, 2020! Read here how that works.

2. Act like a kitchen prince in your pajamas

Baking Easter eggs is probably a challenging job, but there are plenty of other tasty things you can put on the table at Easter. Baking and cooking all day is not such a punishment. Certainly not if you can eat your creations yourself.

For example, make a very sweet cake with Easter eggs as a topping, bake your own French toast or Easter cookies or make a simple but always delicious apple pie. And do you want something more unique? Then on the Laura's Bakery site you will find a few recipes for creations that are almost too beautiful to eat.

👉 Also check out this recipe on the blog: Pastéis de nata, simple and super tasty Portuguese mini tarts

TIP: More of a savory lover? That's also possible! How about savory tarts (see for example this cookbook! )? Or maybe a spring stew or tasty tacos?

3. An old-fashioned games afternoon

Rummikub , Monopoly and Scrabble old-fashioned? No! Let's face it, a board game is much more fun than playing games on your small phone screen. You probably have a game lying around that doesn't deserve to collect dust in the back of the cupboard. Take out the box and start playing again.

Are you alone at Easter? Then Yahtzee might be a good option. You can also play that against yourself and it's great fun to do.

Do you like Scrabble and chocolate? Then try this Scrabble Chocolate game !

4. Get crafting!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds crafting the perfect relaxing activity. Yes, also at Easter. There are plenty of options to have fun while DIYing. For example, start a bullet journal or start painting watercolors. If necessary, watch a few YouTube videos for some explanation and you're good to go! Making your own cards, renovating old furniture or painting tableware are also a wonderful activity in my opinion. You can just wear it in your pajamas. Or well, I would put on an apron when painting. Or you might also want to give your pajamas a lick of paint, of course.

Nice DIY blog posts from Jinske aka IMAKIN:
Happy DIY: make your own vase holder
How being creative calms your mind

5. Complete the puzzle

Puzzles are also not just something people did in the distant past. We bet you'll like it more than you think! You probably still have a large jigsaw puzzle lying around somewhere. Make that your project for this Easter and throw yourself into the many puzzle pieces with enthusiasm. Also fun to do together. A good relationship or friendship test, such a puzzle.

TIP: Go for a nice old-fashioned puzzle like this one above by Rien Poortvliet with gnomes and birds . Not such an ugly Jan van H.

6. Give your interior a spring overhaul

Easter is of course the spring festival. In other words, the time to bring the spring atmosphere into your home. This is also possible without going to the furniture store or spending your hard-earned savings on new accessories. You probably have plenty of things that you can use to spruce up your interior.

Get the cozy spring things from the storage room, grab a good broom and a few cleaning cloths and start tidying up, cleaning and changing. Swap items around, replace your cushion covers with something more cheerful and also take the dustpan through your house. Okay, it might not be the most relaxing activity. But it does produce a nice result. And you can do it in your pajamas!

Also read:Make your house spring-proof in 5 steps by Rinske aka Gekkiggeit.

7. Hide in a nice book all day

I'm probably not the only one whose bookcase is full of books that I "really need to read again." What better time for that than now, at Easter? Keep your pajamas on, grab the top book of the stack and let yourself be carried away by your book. Exactly as long as you want.

Aren't you much of a bookworm? Then a stack of magazines is of course also a good idea. Or how about an audiobook or e-book? Enough reading (or listening) material to keep you entertained all day long.

And if you really don't feel like reading, you can always do your nails 💁‍♀️

Have a relaxing Easter!

So you really don't have to leave the house to make something beautiful for Easter. In fact, you don't even have to take off your pajamas for a fun Easter party. Do puzzles, read and cook. Celebrate Easter the way you like. In your nice clothes or just in your pajamas. And don't forget to grab an Easter egg every now and then!

How are you celebrating this Easter? Let us know in the comments! 💛

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