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With Happlify we try to think differently about the situation we are in now. Not by giving it a forced positive spin, but by discovering the bright spots where it is dark.

So here are six things for you that make life a little sunnier, if only for a moment. Do you also want to share something? Mail us then.

1 - Make hand washing fun!

It is now more important than ever for children to wash their hands properly. With the IMAKIN DIY soaps with a toy in them it becomes really fun!

Making soaps together is already a fun activity. You will melt the soap, add a beautiful color and a nice scent, but these soaps are extra special. There are toys in it. By washing your hands with it, the toy is slowly released. A nice reward for good hand washing.

In the blog Make washing hands fun with this DIY kids soap with toy , Jinske shows you how to make the soaps.

2 - Join Gerrit's stay at home club

To make the days a little more cheerful, Rinske from the webshop Gekkiggeit has made another nice free PDF printable. The #stay at home and #belieffor each other window flags that you can download, print, cut and hang. Show that you belong to Gerrit's stay at home club and hang these cool window flags in front of your window!

The download can be found here

3 - These hearts are so sweet

At Bejoyce we found these sweet Lovely heart pins for a very sweet price: € 4.95 They are currently widely ordered and distributed throughout the Netherlands as a thank you to people who now work so hard in care and also as a heart under the belt. The heart is about 2 cm in size and available in the colors candy cane pink, magic gold, midnight black, cherry red, spring green and cobalt blue.

Available at BeJoyce - €4.95

4 - Real mail is so nice now

With an order from maison KOOS you will receive a free ticket with a stamp in the near future. It is also possible to send an order to a different address. If desired, this can be done with a personal message that is written by maison KOOS on a beautiful card and sent along with the beautifully packaged order.

Knowing more? click here

5 - A card on the mat every week

The KARANTAINE CARD from the Blijfabriek is a mini subscription for a little joy in difficult times. Every week - 4x for every entire subscription - you will receive old-fashioned letterbox happiness in the form of a new card from the Blijfabriek during the month of April. Something to look forward to because we won't be out the door for a while. You can also surprise someone else!

Available at Blijfabriek - €10,-

6 - Roppongi sends a Ghibli card for free

The more fun mail on the doormat, the better! Ingrid van Roppingi will send a Ghibli (Studio Ghibli is a Japanese anime film studio) ticket to someone else for free on your behalf. Do you have someone in your area who cannot receive visitors for the time being or are you unable to leave the door yourself? Then have Roppongi send a card.

Knowing more? click here

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Do you want to write or visualize about finding happiness in small, simple or logical things? Or about your favorite Netflix series that makes you super happy? click here

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