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Now that spring is in full effect you will really notice it, things are changing again. The sun shows itself now and then, the summer dresses are coming out of the closet, Scheveningen was full again this week o_O and it is rumbling around us. It is rumbling from the tidying neighbors. All the shed contents onto the sidewalk, brushing and vacuuming, throwing it away and -hope- everything neatly ordered back inside. 

Cleaning up is SO good! Not only for the space around you, but also very much for your mind. And that's why a few great tips for you to clean up your house this spring. Put it at number 1 on your Spring bucket list : CLEAR UP!

TIP 1 - Marie Kondo, the manga comic book

The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up : A Magical Story Yes, there she is again, Marie shows up here more often, but that's because it works so well. Do you not like to read yourself or do you have a bunch of (pre) adolescents at home who don't like cleaning up? Then this manga comic book may not only be a useful tip for you. The story is about Chiaki, a young woman in Tokyo who struggles with a cluttered apartment, a cluttered love life and a lack of focus. In a playful way, Marie Kondo helps Chiaki to get her house - and life - in order. An entertaining case study for all ages, illustrated by award-winning manga artist Yuko Uramoto.
Bol.com - €10.89 

TIP 2 - Get rid of the shoe mountain

    Embo shoe cabinets That heap at the front door with kicked-out, too small, muddy, new and old shoes? It can probably go away or at least cleaned up nicely. The wonderful thing is that if you clean it up, the mountain will be the same height again tomorrow, if not higher. Unfinished work. That's why I think shoe cabinets and shoe racks are the solution. And at Emob , for example, they have a huge choice of shoe cabinets in countless designs. Everyone has their own shelf or a few compartments in the shoe rack and you're done! Cleaned up neatly. Emob.nl - shoe cabinets in various price categories

    TIP 3 - Make tidying up beautiful

    Houtmoed felt storage You can easily tidy up with beautiful storage. This cheerfully colored storage unit is ideal in the stylish living room. The soft felt also makes it a handy eye-catcher in the nursery: your house looks tidy and cheerful. Bring the sun into your home and make cleaning up a party! This original, handmade felt basket will look great in any room in your home. And it fits a lot! From messes and books to balls of wool and toys. Houtmoed - from €19,- to €29,-

    TIP 4 - Give your home a new scent

      Happy Scents: Reed diffuser + paper vase A new scent in the house often works wonders. I love a freshly cleaned house, but I can also be very happy with a really nice home perfume. If the scent is just right and you smell a whiff now and then, that's really nice.  Happlify Crew member Happy Whatever has only launched three fragrances, the only problem I have with them is that I can't choose between: Clean Cotton, White lotus, Feu de Bois. Happy Whatever - €15.95

      You see, spring and cleaning always go together

      Whether you do it very thoroughly with cleaning and digging through the shed/attic, or just scan the living room for clutter - it's delicious anyway. If you flop on the couch after an afternoon of messing around and throwing away in your tidy and nicely scented living room, it really makes you happy. And that's what we do it for!

      Spring bucket list

      Mariko Naber

      Author - Mariko Naber
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