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When the holidays are just around the corner, the question arises: “Where are we going this year?” But not everyone likes to pack their bags and go to faraway places by plane, go camping or spend their holidays in a bungalow park. Or there are other circumstances that mean a holiday elsewhere is not an option this year. To spend time with your family during the holiday period and break the daily routine, it is very nice to go away for days. And what is very nice; There are plenty of options, even with a limited budget.

Fun in and on the water

A trip to the water is great fun for the whole family. Enjoy splashing around in the local swimming pool, build sand castles on the beach by the sea or splash in a lake. Sunscreen in the bag, buckets and scoops, a cool box full of goodies and the day out can't go wrong. Or rent a boat in Giethoorn and sail through the canals under the bridges. The picturesque village is so much fun to visit and a great experience for the whole family. Bring food and drinks and more along the way along the waterfront to have a nice picnic together. An outing you will never forget.

Up the paths, into the avenues

Even if you go out by bike you will have a super fun day. Bring outdoor toys such as a badminton set and a football so that the children can burn off some energy during a stop along the way in the forest. A backpack full of sandwiches, some fruit and packs of drinks makes a break during the bike ride really complete. Here and there in our country you will find public playgrounds that you can visit during your bike ride. Here the children can play while you enjoy the lovely sun. End the day with fries and ice cream and the day can't go wrong.

To the petting zoo

Another fun thing to do is visit a petting zoo. After all, cuddling and petting animals is the most beautiful thing there is. Children can help care for the animals and take a ride on the back of a pony. Besides being a lot of fun, they also learn a lot about animal life and it is therefore educational. Such a day out costs almost nothing while it is so much fun for everyone. You can be sure that the children will sleep like marmots afterwards and dream about a great trip. No multi-day holiday can compete with that!

The Parade

Do you live in Eindhoven, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht or Amsterdam? Then you will have De Parade around the corner again this summer! De Parade is a traveling theater festival that will take place this summer in the above-mentioned cities. It offers a varied program of theatre, music and dance, with special performances and activities for children, known as the Children's Parade. The festival has a cozy and accessible atmosphere, with food and drink stalls and a fairground-like setting, making it a fun outing for the whole family. You will experience one surprise after another with various performances and you can enjoy delicious food in a relaxed and festive environment. More information can be found on the Parade .

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