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Did you know that February 17 is all about kindness? This day has been declared the day on which you are extra friendly to people around you. In other words: spread kindness around like confetti. You can of course make this as big or as small as you want. Fun for someone else and also for yourself! We would like to give you a big inspiration boost for Random Acts of Kindness. These are 5 things you can use to make someone else smile. This is part 1 and Here you will find part 2 with 5 more friendly ideas .

Idea 1 - Happy mail

In this age of texts, DMs and social media posts, real mail is perhaps more appreciated than ever. How about a balloon by post via Greetz . Or choose a beautiful postcard and surprise someone with it. Not for a reason, but simply because everyone is happy when unexpected happy mail arrives on their doorstep. Especially if you take the trouble to write a beautiful, personal message on the card. Are you looking for a nice card to send? Then take a look at the cheerful cards from Houtmoed .

Idea 2 - Bakers ready? Bake it!

All of Holland Bakt. So you too?! Baking is of course a fun activity in itself. But especially if you can make someone else happy with it.

Bake a big cake and personally deliver the pieces to the people you love. Muffins are also a fun treat to make for people around you. Can you secretly keep one for yourself to snack on? If you are still in need of a nice baking idea, take a look at the book 'Home baked'. The beautiful Home baked book by Yvette van Boven contains more than 200 original baking recipes and ideas for home-made treats.

Idea 3 - Be grateful

How often do we really think about how nice it is that there are supermarket employees, parcel deliverers and construction workers, for example.

Today, say a sincere 'Thank you!' to someone who makes your life easier. Show that you appreciate them and send chocolate or invite someone for a drink. This postcard from STUDIO U RF & OGEL is perfect for that!

Idea 4 - Give a compliment

Talking is a relief. In fact, sometimes a good conversation is all you need to get rid of annoying thoughts. You only have to tell what happened in scents and colors, and you may immediately feel ten kilos lighter. Venting your heart prevents stress and endless worrying. Also because someone else can often put your thoughts into perspective better than you can. And of course, venting is the best thing to do with a friend who you trust completely.

Idea 5 - Spread kindness like confetti

It sounds SO idealistic: “making the world more fun.” But instead of complaining about something, we thought it would be better to do something about it. And that is exactly the idea behind Happlify and therefore also #happlifykindness. It's something small and simple that motivates kindness. An A4 sheet with those tear-off flaps like in the old days: looking for a student room or part-time job. Nice and offline. Read more here: Spread kindness like confetti. Are you participating? or download the free printable PDF directly here.
Spread kindness like confetti download

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