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When I was cycling around recently I came across a tiny house. A small house in the middle of the landscape with all the trimmings. I dreamed that I would like that too, but my dream was rudely interrupted when I realized that I now have a house with so much stuff that I first had to throw away three quarters of it before I could ever live in a tiny house. That is of course possible, but I first looked at the advantages and disadvantages of living in a tiny house.

Living in a tiny house

The pros and cons of a tiny house

The benefits of a tiny house

  • With a tiny house you live more consciously, you have less distractions and less stress.
  • You have time left over, because you only have a small household, so you don't have to do much cleaning and clearing up the mess, because you only have a few things.
  • You contribute to a better environment.
  • You are closer to nature, because you often live outside a lot.
  • Low maintenance costs so you can spend your money on other fun things.
  • Your monthly costs are lower because you use it less or perhaps you have an energy-neutral tiny house.
  • If you get tired of the place, you can easily move your tiny house and find another breathtaking view.
  • Plenty of storage space if you have a good design.
  • And most importantly, closer to financial freedom.

The disadvantages of a tiny house

  • Unfortunately, our little country has more bad weather than good weather, so you spend a lot of time indoors and it is small.
  • A tiny house is certainly fun for you alone, but if you want to live together you must be able to tolerate living in a small space together and not being able to retreat for a while.
  • There is little room for pets.
  • Of course, there is little space for a washing machine, so washing must be done in a laundromat. Or you should buy a mini washing machine.
  • The laws and regulations are difficult, so you have to delve into them.
Interior tiny house

    Tiny cycling adventure

    The advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages, but for now I'll stick to my Tiny Bike ride . Also a tiny ritual, but for between my plants. This nice set naturally contains a bicycle, a signpost to your happy place, plants, trees, a fence and animals. You can enjoy all this beauty on a bench under a lamppost while the laundry flutters above your head. A feeling of freedom and adventure among your houseplants.

    Tiny Bike Adventure for your plants
    You have to put this little adventure together yourself, so you can give it a nice place all by yourself, both indoors and outdoors. For example, you can make a miniature garden for the insects in your garden or also fun for the mice.

    The Tiny Bike ride is made of brass with a protective coating. And of course you are not alone, because a video will help you on your little adventure. Available at Botanopia.com - โ‚ฌ17.99

    Discount for you
    Have you also become enthusiastic about creating a beautiful scene for between your plants, such as a campsite, a tree house or this cycling adventure? Then visit www.botanopia.com and order now with a 10% discount with the code: HappliGreen .

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