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How do you become happier again? Yes, how?! Because the days are short, the sky is often gray, and the rain never seems to stop. It's February, and although spring is on the way, it all still seems a little too far away. It's not your fault, many people experience a big dip during this period. The good news? Here are ten super-quick tips at your fingertips that can make you feel a little happier in less than three minutes. All bears help. Perfect for those moments when you need a boost!

1 - Put on your favorite song

Music has the power to transport us to a happier place in seconds. Put on your all-time favorite song and let the melody lighten your mood. According to science, Queens' 'Don't Stop Me Now' is a SUPER cheerer. Of course you will find this song in the Happlify playlist, which only contains very happy songs! Are you feeling down? Put this list on shuffle and turn up the sound, maybe it will help you too.

2 - Deep breathing exercise

Breathe deeply through your nose for four seconds and hold for four seconds. In four seconds, exhale slowly through your mouth and hold for another four seconds. Repeat this a few times. This breathing exercise is called box breathing. Deep breathing reduces stress and immediately improves your mood.

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3 - Write down three things you are grateful for

Gratitude is a powerful mood booster. Take a moment to write down three things you are grateful for. This perspective can immediately make you feel more positive.

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4 - Stretch your body

A few quick stretches can reduce tension and make you feel more energetic. Stretch your arms, legs and back for an instant boost.

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5 - Eat a piece of dark chocolate

Chocolate, especially dark, stimulates the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones in your brain. Even a small piece can do wonders for your mood.

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6 - Send a friend a funny meme or message

Sharing a laugh is a great way to brighten your own day. Send a funny meme or message to a friend and share a moment of joy.

7 - Sunlight (or daylight lamp)

daylight lamp for home

If the sun is shining, go outside or stand by the window for a moment. Natural light can significantly improve your mood. No sun? A daylight lamp can have a similar effect.

Use this At Ease Happy Light daylight lamp 30 to 60 minutes daily, while not looking directly into the light. Place the daylight lamp at a distance of 15 to 50 cm from your face for the best effect. This daylight lamp is one of the few lamps that approximates natural daylight. A sunny day corresponds to approximately 10,000 LUX - 15,000 LUX. This lamp offers no less than 12,000 LUX! - available via Bol.com

8 - Drink a glass of water

Hydration is essential for our well-being. Drinking a nice, fresh glass of water can refresh your body and instantly clear your mind.

9 - Clean up your immediate environment

A tidy space can ensure a tidy mind. Even if it's just your bag or a desk drawer. Spend a few minutes cleaning up your immediate environment and feel the peace return.

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10 - Use aromatherapy

A few drops of your favorite essential oil on your wrists or a cloth can quickly improve your mood. Mandarin, jasmine, lemon and peppermint are good options.

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These quick tips are easy to incorporate into your daily routine and can make a big difference in how you feel. Try them out and find out which mix works best for you. Remember: Even in the darkest days, there are sparks of joy to be found, often just a few minutes away. Hang in there!

And now you!

Which quick tip works best for you? Do you have your own secret ingredient for instant happiness? Share it with us in the comments.

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    • Nathalie van Buul
    • February 28, 2024 at 5:41 pm

    Wordt vanzelf vrolijk als ik mijn 2 schatten van jongens zie ๐Ÿ˜

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