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Some houses have extra space under the roof, but not everyone chooses to convert the space into an attic. The word 'attic' conjures up images of old dusty space full of boxes and heirlooms. However, an attic has many more possibilities. Simply installing a Velux skylight creates a bright space with a lot of potential. For example, attics can be converted into an extra bedroom or home office. So, making the most of the attic space is a perfect way to maximize the home. What should you consider if you want to convert the attic?

Before you start

Before you can start, it is necessary to make a good assessment of what the attic will need to become a usable new space. For example, does it have sufficient ceiling height? Is the existing framing in good condition? Is the attic sufficiently insulated? Please also note that planning permission may be required to convert the loft as this is considered a significant change of use. Always ask the municipality what applies to this specific renovation.

Prevent problems with moisture

If the attic is not properly designed, many problems can arise, especially when it comes to moisture problems and water damage. It is therefore important that the attic is well insulated, ventilated and sealed, especially if the attic will be used as a living space. Although spray insulation is expensive, it is a very effective solution. This form of insulation will not only prevent excessive heat loss in winter, but will also function as a sound absorber between the different floors. In addition, good ventilation is important. Without proper ventilation, moisture can build up in the attic, leading to mold growth. In the worst case, the entire attic structure can rot. So make sure that there are sufficient ventilation options. A skylight, for example, provides both ventilation and light. Therefore, consider adding one or two skylights on either side of the attic. Another option could be building a dormer window.

Heating and cooling

To create a pleasant indoor temperature, the room should be between sixteen and twenty-one degrees warm. It is often seen as a big job  Extend existing heating system to the attic. That is why it is often decided to provide the attic with independent heat through underfloor heating. A ceiling fan is an option for cooling, provided you have the height for it. A fan will make a furnished attic more pleasant in the warmer months by providing a cool breeze.

You see, an attic can be much more than a dusty storage space. With a little planning and the right adjustments, such as good insulation, ventilation, and possibly a skylight or dormer window, you can transform this space into a light and functional extra room, such as a bedroom or home office. It is important to carefully assess in advance what is needed, to take building permits into account and to prevent moisture problems. By following these steps, you can convert your attic into a cozy and useful happy place in your home.

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