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Happlify style guide: the epic cardigans top 4

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Now that the weather no longer resembles summer in any way, it's time for...layers! And preferably in the form of a nice, long cardigan to snuggle up in. Preferably a vest that you want to be seen in. A cardigan that turns your house suit into an outfit. Below you will therefore find the 'epic cardigans top 4'. They are nice!!

1 - Camel & chill

We start with a not too difficult one in a cheerful, accessible solid color. This long camel, ocher Topshop cardigan has pockets and a tie belt. This is perhaps the most timeless item from the top 4. So you know. Top Shop - €59.99

2 - Graphic black and white

This cool cardigan is also from Topshop. It is nice and big with drooping shoulders. The graphic print combines well with a completely black look, but also nice with bright colors! This way you are both dressed and cool and relaxed. What else do you want? Top Shop - €55.99

3 - Bob Ross & The Dude Vest

Actually my favorite. This vest reminded me of the Dude from the Big Lebowski and Bob Ross. And also a bit of a thrift shop and the Alps. So yes, of course I have to. It's a feeling 😅 ASOS - €50.99

4 - Long leopard cardigan

It's hard to choose, isn't it?! Especially with this extra long as a closing. Way too cute and with a good belt you could even wear it as a dress! Two in one, if that's not a good reason... Style Cheat - €66.99

Mariko Naber

Author - Mariko Naber
Mariko is the happy brain behind Happlify. Together with partner Mark she runs Sell your stuff online, branding agency Loaded ink BNO and Atelier Naber . She loves feel good, random acts of kindness, meatballs, chocolate mousse, family time, zee, piña colada, sugar & spice and everything nice 💛

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