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The cold and dark months are coming again, so we are crawling indoors en masse. And it is preferably dry and warm there. You can of course turn up the heat, but now that energy rates are twice (!) times as high as a year ago... it is a good idea to discover other ways to stay nice and warm this autumn and winter. Here are some good keeping warm tips and the more serious work...

Tip 1 - Extra layer

In February it is warm sweater day, but why can't it be warm sweater day every day, so put on that nice sweater or cardigan when it is cold. Sweaters with turtlenecks, cables, Norwegian motifs, fleece, everything is possible. And if you want a unique one, you can of course also knit one yourself. But... be sure to check out the Happlify style guide: the epic cardigans top 4 .

beautiful cardigan 2021

Tip 2 - Invest in a nice blanket/plaid

What could be better than crawling under a plaid on the couch. The plaid is also a living item that looks nice on your couch without being underneath it. Invest in a lovely blanket that you like to snuggle under. There are countless beautiful plaids available in different colors that will keep you nice and warm during your Netflix & chill sessions. During cold nights, this blanket can also be used as an extra layer over your bed. This means you won't be cold this winter! For example, take a look at Serious Sugar , they have the nicest ones there.

Pink fleece blanket

Tip 3 - Jug or cherry stone pillow

You certainly won't get cold with a hot water bottle filled with hot water. Fortunately, these days they are no longer those boring terracotta-colored jars, but you have them in the nicest designs. You can also use a cherry stone cushion, also called a heat stone. Just warm it up in the microwave and you have a lovely warm pillow. You can wash cherry stone pillows and let them dry naturally for long-term use.

Tip 4 - Sustainable slippers

If you think of wonderfully warm slippers that will last a while, then Esgii slippers are number 1. The High boots from this beautiful brand, for example, are beautiful quality slippers that are made honestly and sustainably from quality wool. They look beautifully timeless and will last for years. Also very nice: the mix of Mongolian wool and Merino wool gives you nice warm feet, but because wool ventilates, you don't get sweaty feet!

Tip 5 - Hand warmer

If you have cold hands, a hand warmer is ideal. The Häago hand warmers radiate a wonderful warmth within 5 minutes (safely!!) after opening. Nice to wear in your gloves when you're on your bike, for example, but also nice to use at home to keep your hands warm. Buy them per 10 Haago and keep ready on cold days.

Hand warmer Haago

Tip 6 - Insulate your house

Another effective, more drastic way to keep your house warm and reduce your energy bill is to invest in good insulation. There are a lot of environmental benefits of cavity wall insulation , roof insulation, facade insulation, floor insulation or replacing single glazing with double or even triple glazing, every form of insulation contributes to retaining heat within your home. This means that you have to burn less to maintain a comfortable temperature, which immediately results in lower heating costs. In addition, insulation not only improves the energy efficiency of your home, but also ensures a more pleasant indoor climate and fewer drafts. The government often offers subsidies and schemes to make home insulation financially more attractive, so that the investment can be recouped more quickly. By properly insulating your home, you take an important step towards a more sustainable household and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. Win win!

Tip 7 - Solar panels

And there's another sustainable step you can consider to lower your energy bills in the long term: invest in solar panels. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, making you less dependent on the energy grid and rising energy prices. In the Netherlands it is becoming increasingly attractive to choose solar energy, not only because of the financial savings, but also because of the positive impact on the environment. With the current subsidies and tax benefits, the investment in solar panels can pay off faster than you think. Moreover, installing solar panels increases the value of your home and contributes to a greener future. Start with a roof scan to see how much you can save and what options your roof offers for installing different types of solar panels . This way you not only stay warm, but also financially comfortable, while contributing to a more sustainable world.

These tips will keep you nice and warm, so stay indoors and enjoy this pleasant time. 

Author - Tessa Droge
Office manager and planner as a profession and in her spare time she loves reading, good food, shopping and traveling. She likes to extensively test the things that give her so much pleasure. She tries (new) products for Happlify and writes about her findings. You will certainly encounter her here more often.

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