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March 20 is the International Day of Happiness. But happiness is of course something you prefer to experience 365 days a year. Fortunately, happiness doesn't have to be about achieving big milestones, expensive vacations or exciting bucket list activities. You can also feel happy today with a few small changes. Try these 9 things. 

1 - Do something that makes you happy

Even if you're having an intensely grumpy day today, pick yourself up and do something that makes you happy. If you're in a pajama-on-the-couch mood, for example, put on a festive outfit from the closet. And do you think that ordering home delivery is too much effort for a meh day? Then start cooking extensively, or make something tasty if cooking is your instant happy maker . Baking apple pie is always a good idea!

So: ask yourself what always makes you happy. And see if you can do that today. Even if you are currently having a day that especially invites you to curl up on the couch with a blanket. Right then.

2 - Smile to feel happy

Is it that simple? Yes, sometimes. With a smile on your face it becomes quite difficult to feel grumpy. And the great thing is: a smile at passers-by often results in a smile in return. So: smile. In the mirror, at other people, and just because. Then you feel more beautiful, happier and you radiate that.

Extra tip: get something that will naturally put a smile on your face. Check out these colorful vases at Madame la Poule #choicestress

Rice vases colored

3 - Do a meditation

Various studies show that meditation does more than just reduce your stress level. Meditating helps you experience less anxiety and depressive feelings. Brain scans provide proof of this. Especially if you meditate for a longer period of time, this can increase your sense of happiness. It makes you feel more stable, less likely to be distracted by negative stimuli and also makes you more zen. Read more about why and how meditation makes you happier in Mariko's happiness book Happlify your life .

4 - Do something good for someone else

Making someone else happy is the recipe for experiencing more happiness yourself. Seeing someone else's smile does something magical. 

Doing something for someone else can be as big or small as you want. You can set up a large-scale volunteer campaign. It just takes some time and cannot be accomplished in one day. So would you rather take a more accessible approach? Then see if, for example, you can help someone in the supermarket with packing the groceries. Send a sweet card to a family member. Or spontaneously drop off flowers to a dear friend. 

Give flowers

5 - Exercise and recharge

Another reason to get off the couch: exercise is good for you. Okay, we already knew that. But it's not only good for a healthy body and an enviable good condition. Even if you have no #fitgirl ambitions at all, exercising will help you feel happy. Sport releases fine substances in your brain, helps to de-stress and makes it easier to get rid of anxiety. 

Look, that's the broom you need! Furthermore, people who are active tend to be happier, happier and more satisfied with their lives. So hop, put running shoes on your feet or yoga mat on the floor and start exercising! 

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6 - Be with yourself 

There is only one person who keeps you company every moment of the day: you. It's nice if you like that person a little bit. By regularly spending time alone, you can experience that you don't always need others for happiness. Being alone doesn't have to be lonely, if you realize how much fun you have in life without others. 

So do something on your own more often. Go to a restaurant alone sometime. It's not sad, but it's very tasty (and you don't have to give up bites of your dessert to someone else!). Go on a city trip in your own country alone. Or plan a home spa and take care of yourself with beautiful natural products such as the bag of happiness with organic olive oil products from Idea Toscana - Bella Giornata €19.95 . A wonderful way to appreciate yourself more and feel consciously happy.

7 - Make your own happy list to feel happy longer

There are happy moments every day. Yes, even on that unlucky day when everything seemed to be going wrong and you cursed more than once at your messy partner, the annoying tailgater behind you and the computer that broke down during a stressful task. The main thing is that you have to think about it. Everything you pay attention to grows. So the more attention you pay to the nice things, the better you will remember them.

A good way to do this is to create your own happy list. That is also something you will find in the Happlify your life book . Every week you are asked to make your 'Happy top 3 from last week'. This way you can't just forget those nice things. 

8 - Initiate a news boycott

Unfortunately, one look at a news site does not improve your sense of happiness. There is little chance that you will read something about the newly born baby elephant in the zoo or the blossom that is blooming again. It is often more war, disease, death and misery. Are you sensitive to that kind of negativity and find it difficult to let go? Then institute a news boycott. Limit yourself to ten minutes of watching the news a day or even ban the news from your life altogether. 

Afraid that you will miss important things? You can also ask your partner to inform you of important things. And otherwise, one look at the NOS app per day is better for your sense of happiness than refreshing the app every hour. 

9 - Hold on to your previous feeling of happiness

Can you think back to a moment when you felt intensely happy? Maybe a special vacation that felt like one big dream? Your wedding, where one beautiful moment followed another? Or a nice conversation with a friend who is worth your weight in gold? You can feel happy not only by experiencing great and happy things now, but also by holding on to the happiness makers from the past for longer. 

Start your own happiness manual , leaf through your photo albums, watch cheerful videos or close your eyes and think back for a moment. Then you will soon notice: life is full of beautiful things to make you feel happy. 

Make a happy list

Tell me, what makes you feel happy? 

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