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Soon it will be Earth Hour day again! Traditionally, Earth Hour is always celebrated on the last Saturday in March, in 2022 on March 26. In more than 180 countries, people turn off the lights on this day between 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM to draw attention to climate change. Millions of people participate in this hour, do you? Turning off the lights is a way to participate in Earth Hour and of course you also turn off the TV, but how can you fill that hour in an environmentally friendly but also fun way? Happlify gives you six tips.

Tip 1 - Game night with candles

An 'old-fashioned' game night is even more fun with candles lit. Go up the attic and dig up the older board games you used to play. Monopoly, Rummikub , Goose Board, Yahtzee, do you remember them? And more importantly, do you know how to do them? Chances are it won't stop at that one hour and you'll have an evening full of fun, perhaps even more than with the hip new board games!

If you're not a game fan, consider a dinner with just the candles lit. Extra fun with kids: put a picnic blanket on the ground for an indoor picnic in the dark.

rummy cup

Tip 2 - Enter the forest!

huh? Bit dark, isn't it? Yes, but that's the whole idea and admittedly, also a bit exciting. Take solar flashlights or a (homemade) lantern with a sustainable LED light in it and go on a wonderful forest trip. A nice bike ride with your friends, family or partner is of course also possible. The idea is that you use this hour to enjoy nature and each other's company. Fresh nose and clear head guaranteed!

Earth hour

Tip 3 - Take a (romantic) bath

From personal experience: Take a bag of tea lights and fill your entire bath rim with them. Please note, because you must of course still be able to step into your bath without risk of burns. Pour your favorite bath product into your bath and enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the dozens of lights. How romantic! Earth Hour will fly around. No partner at hand? An hour of me-time is also extra nice this way! By the way, don't you have a bath? Then place the lights in the rest of your bathroom (shelf, sink, on the floor, not near a shower curtain) and go for an atmospheric shower!

Tip 4 - Watching stars

Anyone who has ever spent a holiday in a very dark area or – lucky you – lives in such a sparsely populated area already knows: the darker the environment, the more stars you see. So go outside during Earth Hour. Or better yet, drive to a nature reserve nearby and go stargazing! The longer you look, the more seem to appear. Of course it must be clear ;) Tip: In Lauwersmeer National Park, one of the darkest places in our country, you will find a real Dark Sky Park . More than worth a visit!

Watching stars

Tip 5 - One hour of yoga

Come on, half an hour is also allowed. After all, it's Saturday evening and who knows, maybe you'll go out later. Place your yoga mat near the window so you can catch the moonlight – if it's clear, or place candles around your mat. Choose a soothing or meditative yoga session and be extra relaxed due to the lack of bright light. Would you like to try online yoga? Then check out Yogaseads .

Tip 6 - Glow in the dark makeup, paint, markers

Do you have children? Then get started with glow in the dark make-up, draw something together with glow in the dark markers or go crazy and get a can of glow in the dark paint. During this hour of darkness, the effect is extra visible. Enjoy!

💬 Tell me, what are you doing with Earth Hour?

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