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San Francisco is known for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Pier 39 and now, thanks to Alexander's Patisserie , for this culinary innovation: the "flat croissant." What started as an experimental twist on a classic French delicacy has grown into a true (online) sensation. But what makes the flat croissant so special and how does it differ from its traditional, airy French brother?

Nice and crunchy!

The 'flat croissant' is the result of traditional baking techniques used creatively. Instead of the familiar high, airy texture, this variant offers a crispy, layered experience that still retains the buttery, rich taste of a classic croissant. The secret lies in the preparation method, where the dough is flattened before baking, resulting in a unique texture that is deliciously crunchy all over!

A taste for everyone

And of course you can also vary this flat croissant. From sweet options with chocolate or strawberry to savory options with cheese and ham; there is something for everyone. This versatility makes the flat croissant not only a perfect treat with coffee, but also a nice breakfast or lunch option.

Experience/make it yourself

Alexander's Patisserie invites everyone to experience this culinary novelty, in San Francisco :) Whether you are a true croissant lover or someone who is always looking for the latest food trends, the flat croissant offers a whole new dimension to the traditional French pastry shop.

Now that you know how that flat croissant is made with care, the next thing you need to do is swear a little in church. But San Francisco is not around the corner, so I take a chance. After Easter we had leftover ham and cheese croissants the next day. Normally they are quite tough when cold, so you should warm them up in the oven. This time they put them in a sandwich maker and made our own flat croissants. The result: delicious! Because indeed crispy all over! Nothing better than a fresh croissant from the bakery, but with old, tough ones, this is worth a try.

Will the flat croissant be the new trend?

With its unique appearance, surprising texture, and versatility in flavors, the flat croissant has everything it takes to make a lasting impression. But I don't think this innovation will surpass the traditional croissant in the long term. One thing is certain: the flat croissant is super tasty!

๐Ÿ’› Are you going to try it? Share it with us here :)

Image: Alexander's Patisserie

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