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Are you looking for a fun DIY activity for the summer holidays and does your child's room need a new look? Maybe your daughter has been whining about a pink room for months, or your son is done with the jungle theme. It's time for a new atmosphere. But it can be quite expensive to completely change a room. And it also takes quite some time to implement this. Fortunately, there are also less expensive and simple ways to give your child's bedroom a new look. This way you don't have to spend a lot right away. Read some tips here.

Adjust the lighting

Although the darkest days of the year are over, lighting has a major influence on the atmosphere in every room, including the children's room. A wall lamp next to the bed, a nightlight on the bedside table or color-changing LED lighting around the bed can improve the atmosphere and coziness. For example, see whether you can add color using light. Use smart light that can change color. This turns the children's room into an oasis of pink or blue light.

A new coat of paint

One of the simplest and most effective ways to give your nursery a new look is to add a new coat of paint. Go to a hardware store or paint store with your child and choose a new color. A fun activity to do together! You can also do the actual task of painting everything together.

Other accessories

Accessories largely determine how everything looks. Is your child ready for a new theme? Then decide to get rid of all current accessories that no longer fit. Give it together to a thrift store or a niece or someone from school. Now look together at what can stay.

Freshen up the furniture

Buying new furniture for your child can be expensive, so an alternative is to refurbish old furniture. This is not only fun to do and cheaper than buying new furniture, but also a sustainable choice. Do you have any old furniture that could use a makeover? Then give them a makeover by painting them, adding new handles to cabinets, or covering them with self-adhesive foil that is also used for kitchen cabinets. This way you give the furniture in the children's room a second life and you save money because you do not have to purchase new furniture.

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