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This summer we are going to literally and figuratively pull out all the stops, if Pinterest is to be believed. The popular social media platform is the place where young and old find inspiration and stay informed of the latest trends. Pinterest is full of creative ideas and is perfect for discovering and showcasing your personal style.

Users create simple collections of Pins (audiovisual images) and use them to create various mood boards that reflect everything in their lives. It's all about self-expression, especially now that the sunny season is approaching. We see a mix of bold fashion styles, colorful interior choices and creative recipes. Curious about which summer trends Pinterest predicts this year? Then read on!

The bigger, the better: maximalism

According to Pinterest, we are going to go big with our outfits this summer. The more striking, the better: in the coming season we will wear more alternative outfits, mixed with striking patterns and unconventional silhouettes. A little more rock 'n' roll even! This year has already been all about self-expression and daring fashion certainly fits in with that. It gives people the space to express themselves creatively and it also gives you a boost of self-confidence! Are you more of a follower of the basic aesthetic, but do you still want to keep up with the trend? You can also combine unique accessories with a simple shirt and straight leg jeans . As long as you feel comfortable, that's what matters!

Icons: the return of the 90s and 2000s

Pinterest research has shown that the beauty industry will have to draw more inspiration from the past, specifically makeup from the 90s and 2000s. Natural, glowy makeup, eye shadow that makes you look like a doll, paired with a sharp bob cut: that's what we'll see next summer. The 1990s and 2000s were a period of innovation and experimentation in the beauty industry, with many techniques and products still in use today. Here too we see the idea of ​​self-expression, accompanied by a touch of nostalgia. This fits perfectly with the minimalist fashion trends that we will also see this season!

All the colors of the rainbow in your home

What will our future interior look like this summer? Colorful, that's what Pinterest believes, at least. This is common for those who are looking for inspiration for living styles on this platform. Last season we loved generic, simple beige interiors, but now we're bringing back colorfast. People now desire spaces that are bursting with colour, comfort and character and that also bring out their individual personality. Searches such as 'fairy core bedroom' and 'pastel desk' are now high on the list. The love for vintage home accessories is now making a comeback: think, for example, of vintage collage posters on a bright pink wall.

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