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The wind in your hair, wandering through the dunes, looking for amber on the beach and strolling through small villages. The idea that I might 'be allowed' to go to Denmark this year makes me very happy. Because I'm looking forward to a week of peace, space and nature. For about five years now we have taken the car at least once a year and drove about eight hours north. First with the two of us, but since last June also with our little girl.

Denmark is somewhat similar to the Netherlands in terms of landscape and size, but while we have to share space with more than 17 million people here, there are less than 6 million in Denmark. And you already notice this when you cross the German-Danish border at Flensburg; the landscape is rolling, few buildings and the highway is empty. Well, not really empty of course, but compared to the Dutch A1 or the German A7 it certainly is.

Of course there are the big cities such as Copenhagen, Arhus, Aalborg and Odense, where together about 20% of the entire population lives. And yes, it can be a bit busier there. But otherwise it is nice and quiet.

Into nature

As I already wrote, Denmark is somewhat similar to the Netherlands in terms of landscape. So don't expect spectacular high mountains or dramatic rock formations. But what then? How about no less than 7,314 km of coastline! Or from Rold Skov, 80km2 of forest to get lost in between pine trees, beech trees, streams and lakes. In addition, Denmark consists of more than 400 islands, many of which harbor their own geological treasures.

My favorite area is west Jutland. You are far away from the big cities, it is wonderfully quiet  and you can rent houses that are practically on the beach. You can select and book your ideal holiday home via www.dansk.nl . And since there are so many kilometers of beach here, chances are you'll have a spot to yourself. Plenty of room to sunbathe, look for treasures and build sand castles

Vikings on Jutland

Historically, Denmark played an important role in the Viking era. These Normans (and women!) went on a raid to England in 789 AD and then plundered Europe. But there was more than these barbaric practices; Vikings were also farmers, shipbuilders, craftsmen and traders. There are a number of places in Denmark where you can get a good idea of ​​their daily lives. For example, there is a Viking open-air museum in Ribe and in Jelling you can visit a museum where all aspects of Viking existence are beautifully depicted.

Odense on Funen

If you would like to visit a city, Odense is highly recommended in my opinion, even with children. It is located on the green island of Funen and is the birthplace of the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christiaan Andersen. Think The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Pea and even Frozen. His spirit is everywhere in the center. There are a number of large bronze statues that depict his stories, you can go to the HC Andersen Hus to immerse yourself in his fairy tales and you can go back in time to the Møntergarden experience museum, when this man was still a child. To end the day it is nice to go to Storms Pakhus. In this food hall just outside the center there is something tasty for everyone


If you want to get even more into the Scandinavian atmosphere, take a look at my webshop Studio Kvinna . There you will find a lot of cards, prints and home accessories to get you in the mood.

The author: Femke Hesselink from Studio Kvinna
Femke - married, mother of Annika (2019), Hengelo - has a great love for Sweden and this is reflected in her fresh and cheerful illustration style, see also studiokvinna.nl ( Happlify crew ). She knows a lot about the far north and is happy to share that with us. Which is extremely contagious!
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