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You can't just create an atmosphere in a room with color, furniture and accessories. Window decoration also largely determines the appearance of a room. Not only because of the color, but also because of the material and the degree of light transmission.

Which type of window coverings suits which room best? We list the most important rooms in a house for you, including the most suitable window decoration per room .

Living room

Window decoration has various functions in the living room. It creates atmosphere in the room and prevents people from seeing inside. At the same time, you naturally want to let in as much daylight as possible, but block out bright sunshine and avoid being bothered by annoying light in the evening.

It is therefore best to choose window decoration for the living room where you can determine the degree of privacy and light yourself. Pleated blinds, for example, are stylish and available in different colors and materials. If you choose the top down bottom up variants, you can also open the curtains from the bottom, so that you have more options for good light. Are you going for a slightly more luxurious atmosphere? Then you choose shutters or wooden blinds.

Classic curtains are also a good choice. These are available in different types, from (semi) transparent (lace curtains) to blackout curtains. Fabric has the advantage that it dampens sound, so you are less bothered by reverberation in a room. In addition, a thicker fabric has an insulating effect.


Most people sleep best when it is completely dark. You also don't want to see into the bedroom while you are sleeping or getting dressed or undressed. Blackout curtains are then a good choice. There are different types of window decoration in a blackout variant, such as roller blinds, pleated blinds and classic curtains. Preferably choose custom-made window coverings, so that it fits exactly on the window and no crack of light enters the room. Thicker curtains often also have a sound-absorbing effect, so that you are less bothered by outside noise.

Window decoration bedroom


In the kitchen you prefer to opt for attractive and practical window decoration. The kitchen is often a bit more humid due to cooking, and it is wise to use moisture-resistant window decoration, such as shutters or blinds. A big advantage of both is that they are easy to clean. Roller blinds are also a good choice, provided you choose material that can withstand moisture. Make sure that you choose heat-resistant material if the window decoration hangs close to the stove.


The bathroom is also a damp room, so opt for the most moisture-resistant window decoration such as aluminum blinds or roller blinds. In the bathroom, light and especially privacy are very important. With blinds you determine the degree of light and privacy by fixing the slats in a certain position.

Bathroom window decoration


In the office you don't want to be distracted too much by what's happening outside. At the same time, you want sufficient daylight to enter. Net curtains are a good option, just like semi-transparent pleated curtains. These also block the bright sunlight from outside so that it stays cooler on hot days. If you choose a thicker fabric, the window decoration will keep the heat in the room better in winter, making it anenergy-saving window decoration .


Do you have a window at the front door? Insight is not always desirable. Window coverings are then the solution. Choose semi-transparent pleated blinds or roller blinds if you don't want a view but still want to let light in. Is there often a draft in the hall? Then choose thicker curtains that insulate. They not only keep out drafts, they also keep the heat in on cold days.

In every room of your home, window coverings play a crucial role in both atmosphere and functionality. From the coziness in your living room to the privacy and darkness in your bedroom, the right window coverings make all the difference. We've explored the best options for every space, from practical and stylish solutions for your kitchen and bathroom to attractive and energy-saving choices for your office and hallway. Create your ideal living environment by carefully choosing the window coverings that suit your needs and the function of each room.

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