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Cocooning is something we may have all done a lot this year. We withdrew from everyday life and enjoyed ourselves at home. When you say it like that, it doesn't sound very relaxing. But if you make your environment cocoon-proof, we can certainly handle it again in the near future! So here are the ultimate tips for you to enjoy a wonderful cocoon.

What is cocooning?

Cocooning is staying indoors, safe, cozy and cozy at home, instead of going outside. The term comes from trend forecaster and marketing guru Faith Popcorn (we love her), who coined it in 1981.

Cocooning is not new, but this year it is not only relaxing when it storms outside, it is also a necessity. Moreover, in 2020 we have social media, which - if we use them in a relevant way - do not allow us to completely sink into social isolation...

1 - Make a cocoon bucket list

You can 'plan' so much for your ideal cocooning session, but once you're in it, you'll forget what you wanted to do. Therefore, print out this handy Cocoon bucket list and remind yourself of the fun things you can do if you have turned your house into a cocoon den.

2 - Clean up your mess

Before you snuggle up on the couch with a blanket, it is important that there are no chores waiting for you. You really don't have to Marie Kondo your house first, but a tidy house does help with a tidy mind. And with a clear head you can relax. So make sure there is no mess around you, tidy up and clean where necessary.

3 - Create an atmosphere

Cocooning under fluorescent lights doesn't work. It's already nice and gray outside and dark early, so leave the big lights off, dim some mood lights around you and light some candles. Be sure to consider a beautiful scented candle such as one from the Humdakin brand. These candles are made with 100% natural, plant-based and sustainably produced ingredients. Non-toxic! The candle you see here is called Yucca and has the scent of Sunday morning. The scent is clean but not overpowering. Light this scented candle when you have finished cleaning, or to create a moment for yourself. Available at maison KOOS - €27.95

4 - Cocoon fashion

You don't have to be really Fashion Week-ready to cocoon, but you should still look around for the nicest suit and the nicest slippers. For example, we love the High boots from Esgii, beautiful quality slippers that are made honestly and sustainably from quality wool. They look beautifully timeless and will last for years. Also very nice: the mix of Mongolian wool and Merino wool gives you nice warm feet, but because wool ventilates you don't get sweaty feet! Available in many beautiful colors at Esgii - €59.95

Esgii slippers

5 - Consider a cocooning hobby

Spending the entire cocooned day on Netflix is ​​not really recommended. Just hanging around and passively staring at a screen makes you groggy and lethargic. Therefore alternate with something that requires a bit of thought and movement ;-) For example, try embroidering, doing a puzzle or... learning to knit. With knitting you are busy and you make something that will be useful to you later. Check out Mirjam Molenbeek's online knitting lessons. The beginner lessons start this month. You can join and will also receive the necessary material. More information can be found at www.mirjammolenbeek.nl

Learn to knit online

6 - Extra cocooning tips

There is quite a lot to say about cocooning, so there will certainly be another post about this joyful activity. By the way, do you already know this trick: Make a Happy place hut for the kids = me-time for you

1 - Scent works wonders

Fragrance does wonders for your peace of mind. If you are tidying up, finish it off with linen perfume cards from Idea Toscana. Your linen cupboard will smell like the rose bushes hugging the rows of vines between the Tuscan hills. Immerse yourself in its enchanting scent.

Available at Bella Giornata €16.50 per 10 pieces

2 - Cocoon! book with 16 feel-good crochet projects

This fitting book title: Cocoon! is about crocheting. Not only about the result - because that is beautiful - but especially about the crocheting itself. Take your time choosing yarns and combining colors. The enjoyment starts when you put your materials together. The authors are both successful Instagrammers: you know Laura Borgers from De Haakzolder and Janneke Termeulen from Ge_woonjans. They take you through the entire process. And... chill!

Available at Bol.com - €22.50

3 - Comfort food

Yes, a little comfort food goes well with cocooning. How about delicious Spicy Aztec chocolate milk or fresh S'mores? Of course, when cocooning you don't have to light a campfire, but you can make these S'mores inside your onesie. How? With the microwave! How comfortable do you want it :-)
Cocoon food: Microwave S'mores from Brenda Kookt

Bring it on, let the chilly weather come. You can now cocoon like a boss. Tell me, do you have any additional great cocooning tips?

Mariko Naber

The author: Mariko Naber

Branding expert and online entrepreneur Mariko is the happy brain behind Happlify. Together with partner Mark, she runs Happlify, Sell your stuff online and branding agency Loaded ink BNO . She loves feel good, random acts of kindness, meatballs, chocolate mousse, family time, sea, piña colada, sugar & spice and everything nice.

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