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Ooh, are you going to renovate your bathroom soon? That is of course a major renovation! Tackle it well and thoroughly to ensure that you are happy with the end result. For example, only start the renovation once you have a complete plan. And it is better to let the renovation take too long rather than too short, so that the finishing touches are taken care of down to the last detail. These are practical tips, will you take a look?

Your style and wishes

Of course it is good to get inspiration for the bathroom renovation. Be sure to take the time for that too. But then don't try to simply adopt that inspiration. That may seem like a good idea, but then it lacks some of its own style. And that's exactly what you want to add to your bathroom. This way you will feel much more at home! It helps to determine what your wishes are for the bathroom. For example, do you only want to install a modern shower? Or do you also want to buy a nice bathtub ? And are you looking for a single sink, or do you find it useful to have two sinks next to each other? Of course, it also depends on what you have the space for in your bathroom. So take the inspiration you come across as a basis, but still give your own style and wishes the leading role!

Provide good professionals

Make sure you look for really good professionals to help you with the renovation. Even if you are handy yourself, this is still recommended. In any case, you want to avoid half-work being done. For example, ask in your network if anyone knows suitable professionals. And always look up reviews if you have a professional in mind. It is ideal to have an expert do the big jobs. Consider placing a beautiful oval bath in the bathroom. You can also leave the tiling to professionals. Would you like to help with the renovation yourself? That is certainly possible, but make sure you find out exactly how to complete the job. For example, you can watch all kinds of tutorials that explain exactly how to put something together. That is super useful of course. Even if you have already done a job, you can refresh your memory.

Planning and drawing, preparation is everything

What helps to bring your bathroom plans together beautifully? Make a drawing! On paper or digital, you actually have several options. A mood board is also smart to make, for example to see whether the colors you have in mind match each other. The more precisely you work this out in advance, the better. You also make a plan for the renovation. This provides direction and also provides an overview during the renovation! For example, what is the ideal order of the jobs that need to be done? Which job do you take on yourself and which do you prefer to outsource? How long do you expect a job to take? Of course, this involves all the necessary preparation. And it is precisely that part of preparation that is important to invest enough time and attention.

Above all, keep the bathroom... practical

Whatever style you have in mind. Whatever your ideal bathroom will look like. Make sure that the bathroom is at least practical to use! This way you can make optimal use of the bathroom. A renovation is an excellent time to organize the bathroom more practically. For example, where do you place the bath, shower, toilet and sinks? Organize this logically. And make sure there is still enough room to move. But also look at the details. Can you still open and close the window in the bathroom properly? And if there is no window, do you have a good ventilation system to get rid of the moisture? For example, determine how many sockets you need in your bathroom and where exactly you want them. It all counts!

A bathroom renovation starts with a well-thought-out plan. This will really help you achieve the intended end result. If you follow the above points as a guideline, you will be fine with that new bathroom!

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