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Studio Kvinna

Studio Kvinna- Femke Rekké-Hesselink

This is Femke and drawing is what she prefers to do.Her workplace is at home, on the outskirts of Hengelo. In her work she always tries to process something that makes you smile, through humor and a lot of attention to details. Think cozy camper vans, curled up red cats, colorful flowers and places to dream away.

As a child she already drew a lot and said that she wanted to become an 'artist'. After a year at the art academy it turned into a communication study and then went to work. Yet 'creating' remained dormant and in the end Femke rediscovered how good drawing is and made it her job.

She is married and mother of Annika ('19), likes to eat pizza and sushi, is a coffee fan and likes ginger ale. You make her happy with Scandinavia, the sea, cats and (arthouse) films. Crowds, kohlrabi and spiders are not necessary for her. Sources of inspiration: folklore, traditions, nature, camping, cooking and food.

💝 Femke is a Magic Maker, know what that is? CLICK HERE


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