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Fringe Design

Fringe Design - Vera Bertens

This is Vera Bertens (1987). In 2003 she graduated as a graphic designer from SintLucas in Boxtel and in 2013 as a 'Bachelor of Illustration' from AKV|SintJoost in Breda. During her studies she started her own company Franje Design in addition to her education. She now also works as a (freelance) illustrator, (graphic) designer and digital content creator. She has now worked for: HEMA, Robèrt van Beckhoven and Snor Publishers.

In addition to these fine assignments, she sells herself in her shop and through various (concept) stores at home and abroad. Her style is recognizable from thousands and is characterized by the combination of photography and illustrations. Vera loves colour, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, sunshine, birdsong and rock 'n' roll and eighties music. Fun fact: Vera is also a regular guest blogger at Happlify, which we are very happy with! We. love. vera!

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