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Are you also crazy about beautiful DIY materials? But do you also find it difficult to get started at the same time? Maybe you're worried that your project will fail or that you'll ruin those most beautiful materials. Uncalled for!

Everyone is creative

Many people think that creativity is a talent you are born with or not. On the contrary, I believe that you can develop creativity, because creativity is not about how well you can draw or how neatly you can stamp. You can develop it with practice. By practicing you get more and more eye for combinations and experience in what works and what doesn't.

Just start simple...

Stop comparing

Do you often think: “I can't do it as beautifully as the example.”? Then remember that creativity is not a competition. Everyone is at a different point in their process. You don't know how long the other person has already practiced with the technique or how many times the project has already failed before the result was shared. So be inspired by the results of others, but certainly not intimidated.

“Comparison is the thief of joy,” President Theodore Roosevelt once said.

Don't just look at the result

Of course you want to make something beautiful, but don't forget to enjoy being creative. In another blog for Happlify I already told you how being creative can calm your mind. Whether you're making something for yourself or a gift for someone else, it's mainly about having fun making something yourself.

Being creative relaxes.

You can see that it is homemade

Sometimes it can happen that you make a mistake; that you shoot out. Then your project did not immediately fail. See how you can cover up or accentuate the mistake. An imperfection in your project gives it the right character, it makes it unique. I always say to my students: “It's best to see that you made it yourself, otherwise you might as well have bought it in the store.”

Handmade is cool.

Hopefully after reading this blog you will enjoy being creative more and you will always be proud of your DIY project from now on.

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Author - Jinske Verpalen van imakin DIY design
Do It Yourself but more modern, tougher and more stubborn! Jinske translates the latest lifestyle trends into feasible DIY projects. Her mission is to inspire you to get creative (more often) and to show that DIY is not difficult, but above all a lot of fun. Bee www.imakin.nl you will find the best all-in-one DIY packages that you can easily get started with. Do it yourself, it will make you happy!

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