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It's that time again: the festive months have started. The shops are again full of gingerbread cookies, Christmas baubles and presents. The lights are already hanging on the streets and the first Christmas dresses can already be spotted. But besides all that cheerfulness, there is something else for many people: holiday stress. Because the holidays also bring a lot of obligations and tension. And then there is the Christmas dinner. How do you get through these months calmly? I'll give you 7 tips.

Tip 1 - Give yourself a few days off

Let's start with the most important tip: avoid going into the holidays overtired. Isn't it a shame if, because of all the stress, you can't even eat a bite of your carefully prepared Christmas meal? Therefore, plan a few days off during the festive months. For example, don't work on December 5, so that you have all day to prepare for Christmas Eve. Or take a week off around Christmas . Then you can enjoy it much more than if you went straight into the holidays from your busy daily routine.

Relax this holiday season

Tip 2 - Look critically at 'musts'

There's no denying the long to-do list on your desk. A lot still “needs” to be done. Or maybe you don't have a list, but there are all sorts of things running through your head. The house still has to be sparkling clean, you still have to buy Christmas gifts and you also have to find that one recipe that will amaze your guests. Where do you ever get that time?

It's actually quite simple: not everything you think is necessary, is actually necessary . Write down all your flying plans on paper so that you have a clear overview. Then it's time to delete. What can you leave out of that list? For example, you can also put your successful recipe from last year on the table for Christmas dinner. And instead of telling yourself that you have to score super original gifts, you can also make it a little easier for yourself. For example, take a look at our gifts page . With little searching you will find something original for your shoe or under the tree.

Happy Holiday Gift Guide

Tip 3 - Take good care of yourself

EXFOLIATING BODY SPONGE WITH OLIVE PITS Holiday stress is not just about the holidays. Another factor is that not everyone is happy about the dark days and the gray weather. It is therefore not surprising that your battery is sometimes empty for a while! Therefore, take the time for self-care now . Go outside regularly for a walk, eat healthily and get to bed on time in the evening. Especially during busy periods, you have to take good care of yourself to be able to deal with the stress.

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Tip 4 - Reserve moments for yourself

Katt3 Cat Tipi

In this day and age you probably have to take many things into account. Your Christmas groceries must be delivered on time. You have to decorate the Christmas tree before Christmas. You also want to make an appointment with the hairdresser in time for your Christmas haircut. But in addition to all those obligations, there is one more obligation that you should not forget: scheduling an appointment with yourself. Be sure to put a large cross in your diary for one part of the day every week. That moment is yours. You can do whatever you want with it. Read a book, make something tasty, pick out Christmas decorations or take a nice walk. As long as it makes you happy.

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Tip 5 - Don't do everything yourself

Do you celebrate Christmas Eve, Christmas or New Year with others? Then know that not all tasks have to end up on your plate. You're not the only one who can buy presents. And not the entire Christmas dinner has to come from your pan and kitchen. Divide the tasks. For example, ask your children, partner or guests if they can also make a dish and take it with them. Or make it a fun sport to buy everyone some presents.

Even if you are alone, you can make it a little easier on yourself . For example, order a delicious Christmas meal from your favorite restaurant instead of making something yourself. Or have your groceries delivered instead of lugging full shopping bags yourself.

This super fun pizza idea comes from the blog post 'Tips for relaxed holidays' (tip 2) and you can have your children make it.

Tip 6 - Stop thinking about how busy you are

Never too busy again

“I'm so busy!” The more often you think and say that, the busier your head will become. So be careful with that statement. Instead, look realistically at what actually needs to be done (point 2) and at what you can outsource (point 5). Make a realistic plan for how to get the rest done. For example, set a date on which you buy gifts or go shopping. With such a concrete plan you can really do something about the crowds.

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Tip 7 - Don't forget to enjoy yourself

Digital Detox from Happlify

While you're racking your brains about buying gifts and looking for culinary recipes, you almost forget that the holidays are also a lot of fun. Even though you may not be celebrating Christmas with the family, there are still many nice bright spots.

The most important tip of all of this: don't forget to enjoy yourself. Don't see the festive moments as another check mark on your to-do list, but consciously take your time . Plan a day on which you will especially decorate the tree, enjoy picking out the balls or taste the Christmas snacks you want to make in advance. Because besides being a bit stressful, it's all a lot of fun.

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What are you looking forward to these holidays?

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