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Traveling with the sleeper train is an adventure! The moment you sit in your coupe, it gets dark outside and the lights come on, then you are actually already on holiday. Everyone has their own mini-house for 14 hours and after the night you are at the destination to celebrate the next party. We went to Prague with the premiere trip of Greencitytrip and in this post I will tell you about it. I also give you practical sleeper train tips if you want to make a sleeper train journey yourself. Another blog post about Prague will follow. Because this was certainly not the first time we visited this beautiful city.

sleeper train

Sleeping train with children

The sleeper train is back. When we went on our honeymoon to Prague 15 years ago, we also did it by sleeping train. Then it was just a lot more difficult than last weekend. After several transfers we were able to go to sleep somewhere in Germany around midnight to be woken up in the middle of the night by the Czech border guard with an (aggressive) dog. Although it was not ideal, when we heard about the Greencitytrip sleeper train, we wanted to go straight away. We booked the trip to Prague, not knowing that it would be the organization's very first train journey. Double party. This post is not sponsored by the way.

The nice thing about the Greencitytrip sleeper train is that you can board at various places in the Netherlands (Breda, Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem) and often continue to your destination in one go.

sleeper train

The sleeper train is cosy, noisy, a bit spartan, but above all an experience. Young and old rode along and were rocked to sleep at night. Every now and then we stopped, waiting for the right track, and the return journey was delayed by three hours due to a technical problem, an international train in front of us broke down and a power failure in Haarlem. That can happen and has not spoiled our fun. In fact, we are already planning the next trip.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Check out the complete story series , in the highlights on Instagram, from our Prague weekend

Practical sleeper train tips

Are you traveling on a sleeper train? Here are some practical tips that will make your trip a lot more enjoyable:

  1. Do not take too much stuff with you, because you will drag yourself into an accident. But that, of course, applies to every trip.
  2. Install the Uber app . Your hotel is not always near the train station. This is often easily accessible by public transport. But if you don't know how that works, then in many cities it is very pleasant to travel with a one-way Uber ticket.
  3. Take a pack of playing cards with you . Or some other game. We also did 'What am I?'. Nice is not it? There is no wifi anyway
  4. Wet wipes such as snout cleaners are not an unnecessary luxury. This way you can easily refresh yourself and it all stays kind of clean.
  5. Drinking water . You cannot drink the water on the train, so bringing a liter of water for everyone is a very good idea!
  6. Earplugs . Even though the atmosphere is friendly and everyone was really quiet after 12 o'clock, the sleeper train is noisy. A child who is awake for a while at night, you can hear that. Earplugs make the chance of a better night's sleep a lot greater.

Prague City Trip

I would like to write a completely different blog about Prague. Because Prague has shown us so much new again. First of all, it is a beautiful city with almost nothing but breathtaking old buildings in different styles. It is also very cozy and you can shop very well. We doubted for a while whether our son (11) would like it, but that doubt was really not necessary. He really enjoyed it, ate delicious and looked out.

Prague with kids Are you planning a trip to Prague?

Then take a look at some videos from Janec aka Hounest guide . He gives you all kinds of nice tips such as hidden spots and what you should pay attention to as a tourist. After seeing one of his videos about the notorious candy stores in the city, we (and especially our son) had a nice scavenger hunt, walking through the streets. The amount of candy stores of the same kind as discussed below is...almost uncountable.

In short, it was a very successful long weekend that we all look back on with great pleasure. As I also wrote in my book , traveling shakes your mind and makes memories for life.

More information about the Greencitytrip travel

As I mentioned above, this post is in no way sponsored. I heartily recommend Greencitytrip (like so many happy stuff). They offer train journeys to the cities of Prague, Venice, Verona, Milan, Innsbruck and Vienna - with and now also without hotel stays. You can see more about the first Greencitytrip trip we traveled with in this video .

Tell us below: which destination would you choose?

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    • Hertecant San
    • July 13, 2023 at 4:11 pm

    Vandaag jarig, 56! Mezelf een citytrip naar Praag cadeau gedaan. Ik heb er nu al zin in!

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