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Get started this year and make your own lantern for Sint Maarten. Give it a Japanese twist with these fun, easy origami paper lanterns. You don't have to buy much for them and they guarantee a fun craft afternoon.

What is Sint Maarten?

I did some poking around online and read that even scientists don't know whether Saint Martin is originally a pagan or Catholic festival. For convenience, let's call it a mix of both: a begging festival for the poorest of the poor in the winter months. We have embraced November 11 as a tradition and turned it into a beautiful festival to celebrate together with all walks of life.

Japanese lanterns

Sint Maarten lanterns DIY

These lanterns, together with many other colorful decorations, can be found everywhere in Japan in July and August. Then they celebrate Tanabata, the star festival. Simply thread a string of lights through the lanterns, hang them on a branch and easily make a lantern for our own Sint Maarten.

Nowadays you can buy strings of lights with (rechargeable) batteries everywhere, even with stars and beautiful balls, so you can make it even more beautiful.

To work

This is what you need for three lanterns:
- download the lantern located HERE
- origami paper of 15x15cm, you can shop beautiful origami paper HERE
- ruler
- pencil
- pair of scissors
- toilet rolls (enough for everyone participating)
- pritt, or other glue
- rope
- thick needle
- (bamboo) stick
- tape
- light cord (can also be used with bicycle lights)
- sturdy tape to stick the battery box in place

Sint Maarten DIY

Download the how-to of the lanterns and make them as described, stick them around the toilet roll for strength. That's not necessary!

Thread strings through the lanterns with the needle and a piece of string. Hang the lanterns on the stick and run the string of lights through and along them. Stick the battery box of the cord firmly to the stick, then it becomes a handle!

TIP : you can also make a very large one in one go (see photo inset), then take a large sheet of sturdy paper.

Sinte Sinte Maarten

Make it a craft party with friends, eat something tasty beforehand and go door to door with everyone. Don't forget your candy bag, sing at the top of your lungs and let your homemade lantern twinkle cheerfully, now your Sint Maarten can't go wrong anymore!

Sint Maarten lanterns

Ingrid Beijer - Roppongi

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