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Perhaps you have already seen it, the news about Kleinkinderen.nl. The new website for grandparents who want to make the most of time with their grandchildren. Grandparents will find tips, outings, gifts and useful advice to make the most beautiful memories. Together with the grandchildren, but also for themselves to recharge.

New: Kleinkinderen.nl

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Kleinkinderen.nl is an initiative of Sandra van Mook ( Applepiepieces ) and Mariko Naber ( Happlify and SYSO ). We discovered that there are few informative and fun online platforms for today's grandparents. While there is so much fun to share and do for grandparents and precious time with your grandchildren. You just have to know where to find it. Read more about Kleinkinderen.nl .

Website for grandparents - Kleinkinderen.nl

Making memories together

Making beautiful memories with grandchildren, you often think about the holidays and birthdays. But beyond the usual annual activities such as Sinterklaas, Christmas and Easter, there is so much more to experience with (grand)children. Especially when things don't have to be that way, is the time for the nicest things.

To help you get started, you can download a free checklist from Kleinkinderen.nl with no fewer than 50 ideas to get the very best out of time with your grandchildren. No large, intensive undertakings, but mainly fun, small activities. Exceptions aside, of course.

Kleinkinderen.nl platform

Already 10 tips for unforgettable memories

  1. Come up with a secret handshake that only the two of you know
  2. Organize a surprise picnic with only goodies
  3. Tell stories, there are beautiful children's books. Kids love it!
  4. Dance together to music that you like, but also be open to the choice of your grandchild(ren).
  5. Rummage through the attic together through forgotten items and… stories
  6. Write fun activities on sticky notes and put them in a jar. Write a note every time you see each other
  7. Make friendship bracelets (with beads or old-fashioned knots)
  8. Decorate happy stones and place them nearby
  9. Eat a nice ice cream sundae together at that one real Italian ice cream parlor
  10. Pitch the tent in the garden for camping fun

The 50 unforgettable memories checklist

That leaves you wanting more, right? Download the 50 Unforgettable Memories Checklist for free and start making wonderful memories today! Fun things to do with grandchildren

Spread the word! Are you or do you know grandparents who should definitely discover Kleinkinderen.nl ? Send the link ❤️

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