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In recent years we have discovered that our home is an important place that you often rely on. When a virus keeps you stuck at home, when distant holidays are no longer so obvious... It has therefore become more important that your home is nice and cozy, where the whole family feels at home. And how nice is it not to involve the garden in that? Your own holiday paradise in your backyard where you can relax, enjoy the outdoors and give each other quality time. We have 3 tips for you that will help you transform your garden into a wonderful (holiday) place. A nice plan to make in the winter!

Tip 1 - Take care of your garden, make it your hobby

You don't have to have a green thumb to keep your garden beautiful, but you do need a little time and interest. Make sure your garden looks neat and tidy so that you can enjoy sitting in it. Lay out a beautiful garden path with fine stones, plant flower bulbs in the spring and make it a cozy place with a garden bench and table. If you have a little more time and interest, you can make it a bigger project and create a beautiful garden with different flowers, plants and shrubs. So you can plan that nicely in the winter. And trust us: almost nothing is as nice as picking a bunch of home-grown flowers.

Tip 2 - Garden accessories

Does your green oasis of tranquility have the right shrubs, beautiful flowers and a garden path? Then take a look at beautiful garden accessories. At Eviro Bamboe you will find the finest seats, fences and racks for friendly prices. Bamboo (garden) accessories immediately give you that holiday feeling, they are super sturdy and there is a lot of choice at Eviro!

Eviro bamboo

Tip 3 - Create a safe fire pit

A fire pit in the garden is of course wonderful. It gives a nice atmosphere in both summer and winter and you can cook outside or roast marshmallows. But it is important that you make a safe fire pit so that no accidents happen. Make sure that the fire pit is surrounded by a wall or fence, so that children cannot walk in it. Always keep a bucket of water next to it, so that you can quickly extinguish the fire if necessary.

Tip 4 - Enlarge your house with a veranda

A veranda is a wonderful extension where your house and garden come together. It protects you from the sun in the summer, you are wonderfully sheltered and in the winter you make a beautiful scene with lights. This way you can turn your garden into much more than tiles and greenery. Porches come in many shapes and sizes, just take a look at www.fonteyn.nl for all the possibilities. They also have the nicest gazebos and saunas!

This way you turn your garden into a wonderful place where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. Maybe you have a nice tip yourself, share it with us below.

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