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Plants are found in every home and I can only name the advantages of these nice atmosphere makers in your home. Even though I don't have green fingers and one of them sometimes dies, I generally manage to take care of it well and if you choose the right plants you sometimes don't have to do much.

Urban jungle home

The benefits of the houseplant

First the benefits of the houseplant . Because that's quite a nice list:

  • They make you happier . You bring the outside in and because you generally spend more time inside than outside, you simply turn it into a jungle inside. You can also relax when taking care of your plants and of course talk to them a lot because it works.
  • They produce oxygen . Plants fill your living room, bathroom, bedroom or wherever your plant is placed with air because they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  • They keep the air healthy . Plants also clean the air. Toxic substances such as formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, benzene, ammonia and toluene that hang in the air and which we often do not know (and do not know by name) convert plants into clean substances.
  • They keep you focused . If you are easily distracted, a plant nearby is ideal, because it helps with your concentration.
  • They keep you healthy . Because plants are natural humidifiers, it can help with sore throat, coughing and a stuffy nose.
  • They ensure that you sleep better , so quickly put a few plants in your bedroom. Because they emit aromatic substances and convert oxygen, you will be in dreamland in no time. And especially if you put lavender down, because this plant is known for its coumarins, which help you sleep better.
  • They lower blood pressure . A study by Kansas State University shows that patients returning from surgery recovered faster if there were flowers and plants in their room, which also resulted in lower blood pressure.
Air plants

Ideal plants

If you live in a small home, air plants are the ideal plants. Even if you really don't have green fingers, you should really do your best to kill these plants. These are the Tillandsias that I came across at Airplantshop . What nice plants they sell here! Well, actually it's more about the decoration of the plants. The Tillandsia requires little care. A little water once or twice a week, some light and air and a little love and your plants will grow lush.

I immediately fell in love with the jellyfish (sea urchin) trio. With their beautiful sea urchin shell they look very cute and you can decorate them in many ways. They look nice hanging from a lamp, but hanging from a branch in a large vase also looks very nice.

The standing Tillandsia in shell are supplied in sets of three and look great in your living room, but they are also ideal to brighten up your workplace.

So if you could also use some happiness, health and concentration, go shopping for plants and turn your living room into a cozy jungle.

Tessa Dry

Author - Tessa Droge
Office manager and planner as a profession and in her spare time she loves reading, good food, shopping and traveling. She likes to extensively test the things that give her so much pleasure. She tries (new) products for Happlify and writes about her findings. You will certainly encounter her here more often.

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