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Are you, like me, not a very intensive athlete by nature? Does the thought of running on a treadmill make you tired? But do you know that you still need something to keep your body a little healthy and flexible? Think: yoga, but not too complicated. These tips will help you on your way and before you know it you will be on your yoga mat a few times a week!

Years ago yoga was for something very serious and/or quite floaty, but above all not very accessible. That has now changed enormously and yoga is absolutely commonplace. There are many types, think of: hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga, yin yoga, midra yoga, bikram yoga, power yoga, kundalini yoga and I'm sure I've forgotten some. One species is calmer, while the other does more with muscles and your connective tissues. 

Tip 1 - Determine a place for your yoga routine

If you have an extra room, that is of course super nice. Because you can leave your yoga mat there and that naturally invites you to get started. But most of us will have to make a cut somewhere. Try to find a place in the house that is as quiet as possible. In the attic, in the bedroom or maybe in the garage? We have a room full of sports equipment at the very top of our house and the laundry often hangs to dry. Luckily there is enough space for my yoga mat. And how about relaxing outside in the garden, in the park or early in the morning on the beach?

yoga outside

Tip 2 - Surround yourself with nice yoga things

When I do a session I have these items: my yoga mat, a cotton blanket, two yoga blocks, a meditation seat cushion, a nice sports leggings + t-shirt and a lavender scented candle. The former is the finest and most specific investment. It is a thick anti-slip mat that is really more than worth its money! If you are looking for a nice mat, be sure to take a look at KURMA .

Tip 3 - Say yes to online yoga

I love yoga, but even though the best yoga studio in The Hague and surroundings is just around the corner... since Corona I really like an online session. Nice home, no cycling back and forth through the rain. What else do you want? Fortunately, the aforementioned yoga studio Yogaseads also gives online classes and they are live. Super nice! By the way, there is now a very nice summer promotion.

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