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It may seem like the big things that make memories for later... Such as a mega Barbie house, a holiday to a faraway place or a whole pile of new school supplies, but secretly it is often the little things that a child will remember forever. will remember. Now that we have reached the second summer where Corona is still raging, that is quite a 'consolation'. Because you can easily do those little things at home.

Shovel and sand

We are blessed with the Scheveningen beach next door. That may be a bit of cheating, but I still want to point this out. Our 'mini' (not a mini anymore and 11 years old) has created many more holes than it has saved in air miles for most of its life. Because I don't think you need much more as a toddler than a shovel, beach and a piece of watermelon. While traveling to the other side of the world, he would always happily chat and I would sit next to him with a book on a towel. The beach (and nature) is always different. At high tide you can create a river with a dam, sometimes it is littered with starfish and other times there are small snail shells walking around your toes (with hermit crabs). Of everything we have done so far, hours like these are the most beautiful memories.

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Scheveningen beach holiday

Treasure hunting

After the beach, almost nothing is as fun as a treasure hunt and finding treasure! And that is as simple as it can be. With a simple piece of chalk you map out a path in the area and hide a prize at the end (or a riddle where the treasure can be found in the house). Do you want something next level with this? Then take a look at good old Geocaching.nl - the world's largest treasure hunt. We have already searched and found many. What exactly that is is briefly explained in this video.

Brushing your teeth is fun

Brushing teeth, a daily ritual that not everyone enjoys. That's why perhaps making memories is not your first idea. That eternal battle over the sink and those two minutes of brushing? Way too long and... boooring! Maybe you recognize this and this is how the mornings (and evenings) of Fairytab's founder Peter went. As a father of three boys, it happened twice a day. Peter decided to take matters into his own hands and develop a toothpaste tablet. Especially for children. Without chemicals, and without micro plastic. To make brushing your teeth fun again. For the whole family. This way you turn a chore into a party, a much nicer memory than grumbling and fussing at the sink!


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