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Although you wouldn't always know it from the temperature, spring is already in sight. And I don't know about you, but it always makes me want to run a broom and a bucket of soapy water through my interior! Especially because it is often still too cold to sit outside, but I still need that outdoor feeling. To help you get started, I share my 5 best tips for making your home spring-proof.

Tip 1 - A good start is half the battle

If you want to give your interior a good look, it is great to be able to get started in a tidy space. I know, it's not the most fun job, but take a critical look at the things you have in your home and decide what you want to keep and what can be recycled. If you have any doubts about certain items, put them away in a box for a while. If you haven't looked at them after six months, they can still go.

Bonus tip: April 27 is King's Day, so you can get rid of a lot of junk!

Yep, get rid of it!

Tip 2 - Create a statement wall

Many people find it scary to work with colors because they are afraid it will become too hysterical. But color often gives an interior more character. If you are reluctant to use color, choose 1 wall that you paint in a nice color or on which you stick a cool wallpaper. This is what you call a statement wall. You then keep the rest of the walls natural, which gives you a calm whole. If you are tired of the color, you can give this wall another lick of paint. This way you don't have to paint all the walls and you still have a whole new fresh look.

Beautiful purple is not ugly and if you're tired of it, you'll wear yellow next month 🤩

Tip 3 - Use color in your accessories

In the spring it is often not warm enough to sit outside. To get that summer feeling, you can use colorful home accessories. For example, change the cushions on your sofa for colorful ones and you will immediately create a completely different atmosphere. You can also create something completely new with small changes by using vases, photo frames or illustrations. If you choose colors from the color palette of your statement wall, this will also bring the interior together.

Color in your interior and always have something cheerful around you with these Yay flags !

Tip 4 - Get started yourself!

Keeping up with the latest living trends can be quite expensive. And this is not always useful if the end of the month is not yet in sight. Fortunately, you can also make a lot of things yourself very easily! On Pinterest you will find super fun DIYs that are also very easy to implement. This way you have new home accessories and entertainment in one.

Bonus tip: homemade home accessories also make great gifts.

Happy DIY tutorial: make your own vase holder. You can read how here .

Tip 5 - Bring the outside in

The nice thing about spring is that everything is in bloom again, which creates an instant feeling of happiness. A great tip for this is to bring lots of flowers and houseplants into your home . This is how you bring that outdoor feeling inside! With your own urban jungle you can survive rainy days with ease! Don't forget to water them occasionally? 😉

And now keep them all alive (for more than a week)!

Tell me, how do you make your house spring-proof? Let us know below in the comments!

The author - Rinske Claus

Rinske is the brain behind the super cool webshop Crazy goat (gives humor to your interior!). She makes a modern version of the good old tile wisdom with a funny twist. She also enjoys cuddling with her cat and loves pizza. Rinske's blog posts >

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