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You may well remember the name 'Happlify'. It was a box of happiness that you could buy at our then webshop Applepiepieces. I came up with the idea about 10 years ago on a dull, gray day with a thick, dark cloud over my head. Although I am quite a positive person, those clouds are no stranger to me. "How nice would it be if I had an instant solution to feel happy again?", and that's how Happlify was born. The solution: a box with 10 bags containing simple tips, gifts and assignments to make you happy in a simple way.

It turned out to be a great idea and made a lot of people happy with it. We have received many touching stories that brought us to tears ourselves. When after a few years the juice seemed out, we put Happlify aside for a while. It turned out not to be a profitable project in the long run and -unfortunately- the chimney had to burn. If I ever win the lotto, I will immediately start sending gold bags in boxes again. Or... when we find another way!

Happlify 2.0

In fact, we have now found that new, different way. I'll tell you a lot more about it later, but as a feel-good addict and random act of kindness video collector you can't do anything for long. My need is MEGA BIG to connect people , make them happy and surprise them . With this Happlify community I hope to be able to reach as many people as possible and make them happy.

What is Happlify?

It is a lifestyle community with tips, stories and advice to find happiness in the simplest things. Happy + Simplify = Happlify. There are many ideas, but we're just getting started...

How do you get there?

First, you can stay informed by subscribing to our Happy thoughts newsletter . With this you will be the very first to receive our free happiness in your mailbox and you will not miss anything. You can also follow Happlify on Instagram and Facebook .

Do you also want to make others happy?

Look, that's also possible! Because what makes you happy, might make someone else very happy too. So, do you have something you want to tell about and can you turn it into an interesting (original) blog post? Please contact us. Even if you are a blogger or entrepreneur and would like to propose a guest blog: let us know ! Happiness multiplies when shared

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