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Today January 19 is National Popcorn Day. And when you think of popcorn, you naturally think of the cinema! The two are inextricably linked. That is why Pathé is today launching POPPED in collaboration with JIMMY's popcorn: eight unique recipes for true popcorn fans. Pathé enthusiasts and foodies share their surprising popcorn recipes in the beautiful e-book, which you can download here .

From popcorn muffins to crunchy popcorn chicken and vegan popcorn nacho bites, with both sweet and savory recipes: POPPED has a tasty snack for every appetite!

popcorn muffins

An ode to the ultimate cinema snack

It's the third year that Pathé and JIMMY's popcorn have teamed up for National Popcorn Day, but they've never celebrated it so much. How about Pumpkin soup with popcorn, Popcorn muffins or er... Cheese soufflé popcorn? Teske de Schepper, Pathé reporter and film expert Noah Zeeuw, health bloggers Healthy Sisters, Snackspert Eke Bosman, content creator Joey Jaq, cookbook author Susan Aretz and chef Desmond Gerritse contributed to this fun collection. With POPPED we, film fans can get home in that ' popcorn state of mind ' before the cinemas open again in the short term.

To have?

👉 You can download POPPED HERE for free . When you enter a valid email address, you will receive the bundle in your mailbox. And... which film do you want to see first in the cinema?

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