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Oh, do you also enjoy all those beautiful quote posters that you see on Pinterest? Especially the handmade ones with watercolor? Wouldn't it be fun to create your own favorite quote, or piece of a song lyric, this way?! Well, look no further because I have a super fun Tutorial here Make your own watercolor quote poster!

In this tutorial I will explain to you step by step how I made this super cute watercolor quote. And actually I didn't use a quote, but a piece of the lyrics of a song that I really like. You really don't need to be able to draw very well or have any other talent for this. I'll show you how to make the butterfly EVEN if you can't draw. At least, even if you THINK you can't draw. Because actually we can all draw, but we have forgotten to train this muscle. So, you can just really imitate what I do, and then you will conjure up an awesome Watercolor quote. It's great to hang this as a poster on your wall, frame it & give it as a gift, scan it and have it printed as cards. The possibilities are quite endless 🙂

What materials do you need?

– a sheet of A4 watercolor paper ;
- pencil ;
- eraser ;
scissors (for the butterfly template: not necessary);
– watercolor of your choice, I use the Pastel Dreams set from Prima Marketing ;
– black watercolor (I used the black watercolor from my Winsor & Newton set );
– small brush to write the words. If you don't like this with a brush, use a fineliner, for example: Micron number 8 ;
– slightly larger brush no. 5 and something else  larger brush no. 8 (for the drops!); I myself have brushes from Raphael, the Symbiosis. I buy this at Barend & Van Zwieten in Alphen a/d Rijn .
– stamp of a butterfly to make as a template (or a picture 🙂 OR a stencil of a butterfly, for example from Art by Marlene ;
– piece of cardboard, for example from a box (to make the template)
– stamp ink stazon , any color you want (to create the stencil)
– water

Watch the video here...

Do you like this video and would you like to watch more videos? You can find plenty on my Youtube Channel . Do you want to take a Watercolor course in your Art Journal, or, for example, teach girls to draw? You can find more information about all my online courses here .

And you're thinking, well, I'm not going to make this myself, but I do want to buy this! That's quite a coincidence, because you can now also buy this beautiful quote in my shop! teeeeheee. HOP to the shop and it's straight into your shopping cart 😉

An atmospheric impression

Will you show me your homemade Watercolor Quote Poster online? Feel free to send me a message Instagram , or tag me!

Author - Revlie Schuit from Revlie.nl
Revlie is a full-time creative entrepreneur. She goes for it every day and is happiest when she can be creative in her studio. And... you can do that too! Because Revlie also creates the most beautiful online workshops to get started creatively. Her motto: you can do ANYTHING you want, as long as you put your mind to it! Check next Revlie.nl certainly also Thecreatieveplayground.nl
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