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First class tips for the best staycation ever - part 2

  • 3 min read

Part 1, a handy introduction and the first 3 tips can be found here: First class tips for the best staycation ever - part 1 . In this article -part 2- you get tip 4 to 8 and then you are also ready for a wonderful staycation. Because... there is a chance that a big line will go through the trip abroad so beloved by everyone. But don't worry: with these tips you will get the best of your foreign summer holiday at home!

In Part 1 , we made a plan and budget and these were the first three tips:
- Tip 1 - Hotel breakfast buffet
- Tip 2 - Hire someone for your chores
- Tip 3 - Make your bed super deluxe

Tip 4 - Eating out at home

Set the table nicely, light a candle, open a good bottle of wine and order a (five course) dinner from one of your favorite restaurants. Eating out at home (and supporting the local catering industry during this time) has never been easier.

Tip 5 - Turn your backyard into a resort

The weather is not the most predictable factor in Dutch summers, but we have already had many heat waves. Great reason to turn your garden into a resort. Set up a large pool, stock up on cocktails, and spread out on a lounger. Add some beach sounds and before you know it you will find yourself in Spain. Don't have a garden but a balcony? A tub of water to paddle in does wonders!

Bonus: Set up a tent in your backyard or on your balcony and make one slumber party from!

Tip 6 - Online wine or beer tasting

Are you a wine or beer lover, then this is a super fun staycation activity. Several wine specialists and beer brewers organize online tastings. You order everything you need for the tasting from them (read: the drinks to be tasted and accompanying snacks) and on an agreed date and time you go through a live stream taste. You get all the extra information that you would also get with a real-life tasting.

Tip 7 - Garden cinema

With a white sheet and a beamer you can build a cinema in the garden in no time. Make some fresh popcorn, put up cozy lights and choose the ultimate balmy summer evening to watch your favorite movie in your own garden.

Tip 8 - Make a photo album of your favorite holiday

I have had plans for years to make beautiful photo books of my favorite holidays (our road trip by the USA in 2014 and our honeymoon through Scotland in 2018 for example), but it never happens. What could be more fun than reminiscing on a rainy day while putting together a great photo album from your previous vacations? So the first image in this blog post shows you one of my favorite views from California; the Santa Cruz board walk .

What is your favorite home activity?

I could go on and on with ideas for the ultimate staycation , but I'm sure you guys are full of good plans too! What is your favorite home activity? Leave your ideas in the comments !

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Vera Bertens
Vera Bertens from Franje Design
Vera Bertens is the creative heart and brain behind Franje Design, which she founded in 2009. Besides her wonderful world full of sweet and funny creatures, she also illustrates and designs on commission from her studio in Tilburg. We love her work and invite you to this Dutch gem to discover for yourself .

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