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Is the rain pouring down from the sky? And doesn't the lack of sunlight and heat today make you very happy? Then make it a cheerful party inside. With fun activities you don't have to be bored even on the rainiest day and you can even turn it into a party. Need inspiration? These are eight tips that will help you get through that one day with nothing but downpours.

Tip 1 - Cake, anyone?

A piece of home-baked cake is always welcome. But especially on a drizzly stay-at-home day like this. Of course, you can bake the tastiest apple pie yourself. Pinterest is bursting with delicious recipes, which are often very surprising thanks to original ingredients.

How about this Carrot cake to die for ?! In short: tie on your kitchen apron, grab your favorite baking tin and make something that you will happily fill your growling stomach with.

Carrot cake to die for

Tip 2 - Do a puzzle anyway

We've talked before about how puzzling doesn't have to be boring. Certainly not with all those cool puzzles these days. For the best board games and puzzles, take a look at Webshoppertje . How about this beautiful, round example from Vissevasse. The thousand pieces form an illustration of a swan in nature. Yes, puzzling is all the rage and it is a relaxing activity that allows you to relax, away from all digital temptations. Once finished the puzzle is 65 cm in diameter. Available at Madame la Poule - €32.95
Vissevasse Puzzle Swan - 1000 pieces

Tip 3 - Take an online course

Have you always wanted to learn how to knit your own rug? Would you like to build your own site? Or do you finally want to dust off your watercolor supplies by practicing with a watercolor painting course? Now is the time! Search the internet for a course that might help you learn a lot of new things for just a few bucks.
My favorite course I've taken so far?Dot painting from Stipstijl.nl ! Learn through videos to add brightly colored dots to your boring white tableware. Too fun (and addictive)!

Tip 4 - Have a movie marathon

Have you binged Netflix yet? And is the new season of your favorite series still waiting? No problem! Put on your favorite movies. Watch all parts of Harry Potter for the second, third or tenth time. Grab the Disney movies and play your favorites. Or find a fun rom-com or exciting thriller via Pathé Thuis. Even as an avid binge watcher, there is still plenty to see. Grab some friends, make your own popcorn and have your own movie party. How about this one...

Useful: are you experiencing problems with streaming, internet or TV? Logging in to My Ziggo may offer a solution.

Tip 5 - Make your own bucket list

Happlify your life book

Even when it's pouring rain, you can still fantasize about your next holiday to a tropical destination. Or about the parachute jump you took – no matter how scary! – you really want to make one. Or about that beautiful dream house of yours, for which you have even had a Pinterest board ready for a few years.

These kinds of things that make you happy are all discussed in Mariko's Happlify your life book - which is actually one big effective (!) happy bucket list. Step by step, you determine what makes you happy and create your own happiness manual for life. How convenient!

Tip 6 - Decoration all over the place

If it is bleak and chilly outside, you can bring the heat inside. You can create warmth and atmosphere with beautiful decoration in your home. In the fall, for example, you can get creative with hollowing out pumpkins or make your own autumn wreath with pine cones. Or just buy some lovely scented candles. That also does a lot of good.

Would you like to roll up your sleeves and do something creative yourself? Then take a look at our DIY packages, which will often keep you entertained for an afternoon. For example , this DIY flower ring from Bloompost is a gem. You will certainly enjoy it for a long time!

Tip 7 - With your blanket on the couch

In addition to all those grand projects, you can also see the rain as a great excuse to do nothing at all. Legs up, your head in the relaxed position and a blanket over you. Of all the things you 'have to do', there are probably things that can wait until tomorrow.

Today you only have one appointment planned: the one with your lovely warm plaid and a film, Netflix, puzzle or a nice book . This lovely cocoon blanket from Funky Doris, for example!

Tip 8 - Put on a raincoat and go!

And one last tip for this dreary stay-at-home day. Who says you can only stare outside from the house when it's raining? Put on your raincoat and boots. Hood up, umbrella. It's probably nice and quiet outside now. An extra good reason to discover your surroundings now! Very honest? Sometimes nature looks extra beautiful under that layer of rainwater. Discover it yourself! Nothing can happen to you under your umbrella and in a good rain suit.

Outside in the rain

And you? How do you enjoy yourself when it's raining and pouring?

Romy Veul

The author: Romy Veul

Copywriter, language fanatic, crazy about color and cheerful as often as possible. That's who Romy Veul is in a nutshell. On her blog More often Cheerful she takes you into her positive imaginations. Always with a modest dose of humor and nice colorful photos. Romy's blog posts >

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