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July 30 is International Friendship Day. Friendship arises from connection, or as Brené Brown describes it: " Connection is the energy that exists between two people when they feel seen, heard and valued, can give and receive without judgment and derive support and strength from the relationship."

This clear formulation completes the circle. In short, real friendship arises from real connection. In concrete terms, this means that real friendship can only arise if you feel that you can really be there. That you can be yourself completely and that the other accepts you as you are. This makes you feel safe and only then can you fully open up and dare to show your vulnerability.

That doesn't mean you always agree. It was not. True friendship also means that you can be nice and honest with each other. That you can say everything you feel and experience and that you can also decide that you agree or disagree.

Friendship is a relationship

It works both ways and is a form of reciprocity. Friendship is give and take. And I don't just mean that in a material sense. True friendship is making time when needed, being genuinely interested and really listening, being reliable and encouraging each other to develop and grow.

True friendship is positive energy. It's not for nothing that you feel fully charged after a nice conversation with a good friend. True friendship is beautiful and priceless!

Take your time again

While reading these words, have you thought of one of your best friends and has it been way too long since you've seen or spoken to her? great dose of positive energy!

Make the connection tangible

Do you want to create an extra dose of positivity? Then tell her how precious your friendship is. Make this message permanent by connecting it to a piece of jewelry that she can wear daily as a reminder full of positive energy. Or order two identical bracelets to emphasize the friendship. You can find these at Handmade by Sjiek .

And... do you celebrate the friendship on July 30th?

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