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5 tips to survive autumn and winter

  • 3 min read

After an unexpectedly nice late summer, we still have to believe it and we head back towards the drizzly and cold weather. As a summer girl I always dread that and I would prefer to skip that whole winter. But because moving to an always sunny place is not an option, I try to make the best of it here. And of course I would like to share my 5 best tips to survive that entire autumn and winter period with you.

Tip 1 - Make it extra cozy at home

Okay, now it's time to put Marie Kondo aside for a while, because now that we spend a lot of time in our house again, it's very nice to make it as cozy as possible there. And sorry Marie, but for me that usually means collecting all kinds of hysterical stuff around me, I can't help that either.

Collect things around you that make you feel good and that make you happy to look at. For example, it is wonderful to come home after a day of work and those dark days automatically become a bit cozier. And light lots of candles in the evening for an extra homely atmosphere. 

Halloween 2021

Tip 2 - Withdraw regularly to cocoon

A little extra self-love can't hurt in the winter. Especially around the holidays there are often so many social obligations that you can completely empty yourself. So make sure you have enough time for yourself and retreat into your own cocoon. Whether it's a whole day of Netflix under a blanket, or blaring along to the entire soundtrack of a star is born, everything is fine! After such a day you will automatically feel better and you can defy that bleak dark weather for a while.

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Print out this handy Cocoon bucket list and remind yourself of the fun things you can do after turning your home into a cocoon den.

Tip 3 - Make a summer playlist

There's nothing better than listening to all the hits of the summer and feeling like you're back at your holiday address. Most of the songs will bring you back to the days that seemed to last forever and the sultry summer nights where you danced until you dropped. Immediately get some snacks from your favorite holiday country, close your eyes and it's just like being in the sun again!

Summer playlist in the fall

Tip 4 - Find a new hobby

If you're busy, time passes much faster and it'll be spring again before you know it. So pick up a new hobby that you can devote your time to. Whether you're going to paint by numbers or build a lollipop stick construction, there's bound to be something that will keep you busy for hours. How about diamond painting with your own photo ? It's some kind of shiny old school Ministeck!

And as a small bonus tip: homemade gifts often work very well, especially with mothers-in-law. So you immediately have your gifts for the holidays arranged. Whoops!

Are you looking for fun DIY ideas? Have a look at the blog here .

Find a new hobby

Tip 5 - Book a week in the sun

If the above tips no longer help you, then there is one last resort and that is to book a week away to the sun. In the south of Europe, the weather is often fine in winter and you can fully recharge to get through the rest of the winter period. Soak up all the vitamin D you can and you'll feel reborn!

Do you already know ? There you can easily and quickly book a trip online.

Dot travel

And... do you know a nice tip to get through the autumn (and winter) a little fun? Share it with us below!

These were them, my 5 tips to survive the autumn and winter and hopefully with these tips you can go ahead and survive the entire autumn and winter period without any problems. And no matter how annoying those dark days can be, they will come to an end anyway

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Rinske Claus from crazy goat
Rinske is the brain behind the super cool webshop Gekkiggeit (gives humor to your interior!). She makes a modern version of the good old tile wisdom with a funny twist. She also likes to cuddle with her cat and she loves pizza .

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